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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of The Month: Noise Removal

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

With the recent release of the noise removal feature in Webex, we want to hear how YOU are using it! 

In less than 50 words, respond to this post sharing how the noise removal feature is helping you stay focused or saving you from any embarrassing moments. By responding to this post, you will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 headset! This post will stay active for the entire month of March. We will randomly select a winner and reach out to them directly in the first week of April. 

As a part of Webex's mission to make the meeting experience 10x better, the noise removal feature filters out any distracting noises with the click of a button. Using our advanced audio processing technology, your focus in a meeting won't be compromised by the harsh sound of garbage trucks, whistling air conditioners, or even your neighbor's blaring music. There are numerous occasions this feature can work for YOU.


If you haven't had the chance to use the noise removal feature, check out these links to help get you started and download the Quick Start Guide attached


Respond to this post and share how you are using the noise removal feature! Your response will enter you into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 Headset! 

Cisco Employee

It works wonderfully! As we are all are WFH, this helps a lot as I live near a noisy area! 


I so need a pair of these.  After moving my "office" to my upstairs I now have a skylight overtop of me that I try to keep open a bit for ventilation.  The bad part about that is the daycare across the street so I always hear kids playing and now with the weather getting nicer every neighbor feels the need to get on their Harley's and drive by.   And with college classes being taken by my daughter I would be able to block out all that home stuff.  But the true work reason is when I am teaching or in meetings  I constantly get comments that they can't hear me.  Getting a pair is definitely being put on my list of I need. 

Background noise removal has been a game changer, both as a participant and as a speaker.  As a speaker, I don't have to worry about the delivery guy being barked at by the dog nor the fact that my home office is close to the bathroom.  As a participant, the amount of noise heard from others is also greatly reduced, making for more productive online time.  Pleasantly surprised by how effective this has been.

Anil Patil

Its a need of the situation now where we all working in hybrid environment.In short its a soul of meeting.


I upgraded my desk pro to get the noise cancellation. Now my dogs can bark at the delivery driver and all their humans!

M Suhail

great feature and loved to use this.



Suzanne Phillips
Cisco Employee

Are you telling me making a smoothie isn't proper etiquette during a Webex, @Cole ?! 
Shhhh  ...Nobody will ever know! (Video at link)


Actually I don't. 

I press disable all the time. 


This is a great feature, when my dog come to my desk and start barking, or some accidental noise in my house, webex cancel it. It make my Videoconf smooth. Best Regards

Cisco Employee

Customers love the feature on the demos I conduct  and love trying it themselves. It's funny how a handheld vacuum is now part of my demo gear (I would prefer the dancing Llama, tho).


With working from home the new norm and my daughter, through the wall, attending a University music course, noise cancelling helps when she is playing the Accordion or Clarsach to her tutor or on a group session although sometimes my colleagues miss the distraction

VIP Master

I use Jabra Evolve 65 for m,y teams / Skype / Web-Ex call - its very reasonable and good.  also tried Plantronic Black wired, very good reults.


Cisco Headset 730  - have similar kind of features, good to explore new one.



Working from home with kids around who randomly come into my home office to say g'day.


I am using Webex teams noise removal feature for every meeting. It really give peace to other audiences :).

My wife use MS teams with noise removal functionality. One day we both compared that which teams has better noise removal quality. And i must say webex have far better response here and finally i won battle technical battle. Thanks to Webex.


Working from home is great, but it creates noise that doesn't normally occur in an office. Vacuum cleaner, family, workers and so on. Cisco noise removal helps improve the conversation in a meeting.

I'm glad Cisco has been adding more features to Webex

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