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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of The Month: Noise Removal

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

With the recent release of the noise removal feature in Webex, we want to hear how YOU are using it! 

In less than 50 words, respond to this post sharing how the noise removal feature is helping you stay focused or saving you from any embarrassing moments. By responding to this post, you will be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 headset! This post will stay active for the entire month of March. We will randomly select a winner and reach out to them directly in the first week of April. 

As a part of Webex's mission to make the meeting experience 10x better, the noise removal feature filters out any distracting noises with the click of a button. Using our advanced audio processing technology, your focus in a meeting won't be compromised by the harsh sound of garbage trucks, whistling air conditioners, or even your neighbor's blaring music. There are numerous occasions this feature can work for YOU.


If you haven't had the chance to use the noise removal feature, check out these links to help get you started and download the Quick Start Guide attached


Respond to this post and share how you are using the noise removal feature! Your response will enter you into a giveaway for a FREE Cisco 730 Headset! 


Since I started working from home background noise removal feature has been really useful due to my neighbors always (and I mean always, like every morning) starts the day with loud music, I think just for doing their chores but when I have a meeting I'm confident that my colleagues will hear me great without all the background noise. 

Cisco Employee

Working from home next to a window has many advantages such as having a good view and natural light. But it also has its disadvantages, especially if you have a busy street where all kinds of noises are heard. With the recent noise removal feature from Webex it has helped to be on the call without worrying about the external noise and avoiding having to excuse myself every time I open my mic.


Helpful to remove barking dog and kids practicing instruments in other rooms that leaks into my WFH space.


This is an amazing feature not only for home office but for noisy open space offices. I'm looking forward to get back to office and this feature with my noisy colleagues I think that both scenarios are equally important. A solid noise cancellation system is necessary to avoid unintentional distortions on a meeting with other participants.


My cats decided to have a fight behind me one day. No one else could hear them. Thanks to Noise Removal and Virtual Background; I was able to pretend like it was not happening and no one else knew what was happening right behind me.


In this WFH times this feature have been a total game changer in the market.

On the other side of the door where I sit here at home I can have a raging 5 y/o daughter and a crying 9 m/o son and still be on a meeting, not using headset, not being muted...
-At times i put on a noise cancelling headset just so that I can hear others better from all the noise here at home, but nothing around me ever gets through to my co-participants.


Now I was doing a virtual happy hour and had my 5-year-old doughter rolling around on the floor playing very loudly off camera. When he finally managed to make his way into the field of view the people on the remote end were completely astounded by the fact that I had a baby playing in my office while I was talking with them and they heard nothing. When I switched off noise cancellation and let them hear how loud he was being they all couldn’t believe how well this worked. None of them used Webex normally and had no idea that this was even possible.


I saw people in meetings coming so close to the screen, i could allmost touch them. Having proper noise free conversations, is the primary thing to have in a online meeting.

I would love to drink my OWN champagne for selling these top devices

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hello all,

Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know how you are benefitting from the noise removal feature. I hope you all were able to learn more about it not just from this post or our events, I hope you were all able to learn from one another's experiences. This post showed the true value of community, and as the community manager, I appreciate some of you even sharing personal experiences with the feature. Thank you all for being shining community members and making this a vibrant conversation.

Also, we had great feedback about the feature, which many wanted to see it turned on by default so users don't have to go in and manually activate it. Good news is, yes, the noise removal feature will soon be turned on by default for all users. Stay tuned for that release.

And of course, the contest element! I have randomly selected our winner of the Cisco 730 headset, and the winner is @ThomHemler 

Thank you all for being responsive and letting our community team try new things to spark conversation. I did not expect so many responses. I read them all. Some made me laugh and many made me smile. It was likely your email inbox could have been flooded from them all, and for that, I would like to apologize. Your email inbox is sacred and for future posts such as this, we are adding an option to not receive any email notifications.

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 10.00.05 AM.png

Because this post was so successful in spreading the word about the feature and giving our product team feedback, we will be doing the same thing in April but focus the conversation on Breakout sessions. Check out this post and feel free to respond by sharing how you are using them today. We are giving away another Cisco 730 headset for this contest and invite you to join in! Here is the post!


It was an amazing experience with the new feature launched of noise removal in WebEx. As my 1.5 year old kid moving here and there and making different noises when i am talking on the meetings. Now with the Noise removal feature no body getting background noise. 

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