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Webex Employee's Favorite Feature of the Month: Slido!

Cisco Employee

At Webex, we’ve been using Slido a lot lately. In practically every meeting, we start with a Slido poll to get people talking and relax a little while we wait for everyone to join. We also use it to even out the playing field so that even quiet people with great ideas have a chance to speak up. Slido has also helped me discover that I am ranking my priorities almost the same as my boss. And we are curious… How do you and your team use Slido? When you meet with your team, can you tell who's engaged and participating? Or do you just use Slido to ask questions like who makes the best coffee or if you'd rather have feathers or scales? What's your favorite type of poll? We'd love to know!

So, how do you and your teams use Slido in Webex? What's the most useful type?

In less than 100 words, comment below on what you love about Slido in Webex and share any tips for fellow users. Once we get your response, we'll enter you into our giveaway for a chance to win a Cisco 730 headset. We'll keep this post active through the entire month of September and randomly select a giveaway winner the first week of October. Congratulations to August's winner, Matthew Wynd!

More about Slido in Webex Meetings

With Slido and Webex, it’s never been easier to collect ideas, opinions and feedback from your team. Slido's six types of polls, quizzes and Q&A can help you engage your team, break the ice, check the understanding, or even put a decision up for a vote. Slido has you covered at every step, before, during and after the meeting. You can use it to collect questions ahead of time, get feedback afterward and include everyone who can't join live. With Slido's analytics, you can get valuable insights into your meetings like how many people were engaged, export your questions or voting results for further analysis, or see who might make a good advocate for your cause.

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Can Slido be used in WebEx Training Center? How do we enable it?

We are active in the higher education field and we use Slido during our training to keep the remote class focused and engaged.

We always start with a word cloud poll and then continue with a quiz which stay active for the whole lesson and make students compete for the podium.


Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

Hi @jpiatraining,

Thanks for posting in the Webex Community. Slido on Webex Training is not supported, but you can certainly use Slido as a standalone by connecting it to your event slides(Powerpoint or Google Slides) or sharing the screen to show Slido open in your browser. Before Slido came to Webex meetings, our team used Slido switcher. -


Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee

@Maurizio Maggiora That is a great use of Slido! Love to hear that you are making some competition with it as well. I'm sure the students love to try and be the top student.


Slido is a great fit for having meeting attendees take a quiz at the end of a presentation to see how effective the presenter was at delivering the message of the presentation. That way we know if we were successful or need to adjust the presentation to make it better for the next presentation.


we used slido lately to have an important vote on a department level decision that required a consensus and it was quite useful.

i am looking forward to present it to customers and show them the interesting features that it brings.


Slido is polling on steroids, we use it as an ice breaker for our new clients when presenting on Webex collaboration and cloud calling.


Slido is not yet available at my university but I am looking for forward to use it in events for our big classes (n=660) to foster interactivity by creating competition like quizzes and rewarding the best students. 


Slido has been great.  Highly interactive and having the panel right there allows everyone to use.  


Our team uses Slido in Webex with Live polls (usually multiple choice and word cloud) to get real-time feedback and responses to make the engagement more interactive! Other types of polls from Slido are just as useful, will depend on the engagement.


Slido by default is within our apps-  can you disable it and other apps without taking away the apps tab?  


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