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Taking your adoption to the next level


Become a Webex adoption master

Section two: Taking your adoption to the next level


Bots and Integrations

Webex is only part of your digital workplace, bots and integrations can help take your Webex adoption to the next level. Find out how you can use the Webex app hub to move the adoption needle.


Game on: Gamification

Using games as part of your adoption strategy is a great way to get your people to engage with new products and features. By playing with the tools in a variety of fun ways, they’ll see how easy the technology is to use in their everyday work. Plus, they won’t feel as if they have to change how they do things. This pack is full of fun ideas to get your people inspired. Share your ideas below in the comments section.


Creating successful adoption events

Adoption events idea play cards

Cisco Meetings Business Card

Events offer a brilliant opportunity to engage people in your launch or adoption campaign. You can use events at any point throughout your Cisco Webex journey for everything from awareness to support and even a little bit of fun.


Find helpful tips around creating successful adoption events, your Cisco Collaboration Customer Success Manager can support you throughout the planning of these so don’t hesitate to get them involved and ask for their help.


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