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Walkthrough Wednesday: Getting Real with Webex Beta - Shaping the future of collaboration EVENT Q&A


Q: Can my end users join?
A: Yes, depending on the product/features under test and their applicability to end users.

Q: Can you provide the link for the beta site?

Q: Comment: We have an internal webex users community (spans all departments) and we are looking to add these users to some select betas. E.g, people insights.
A: glad to hear that!

Q: Do I have to be an IT admin to be involved in Beta?
A: In general no, but it also depends on the product/features under test in each particular release.

Q: Does one person per organization have access to these Betas? Or can my whole org be involved?
A: Participants and number of participants depends on the product/feature under test. Many apply to all users/customers, some might only be applicable to admins, etc.

Q: How many people usually participate in a Beta?
A: It varies from project to project depending on the product's under test (e.g. webex app, webex device, etc.) and the applicability of the product under test.

Q: How often are new Betas created? Based on clusters or release cycles?
A: Betas are initiated based on our product release cycles. We have a number of betas running at any given time.


Q: In multi-user betas, how many users can we add for testing?
A: We are only limited by the type of product/feature set under test.

Q: Where do we go to sign up and/or see what betas are available?

Q: Will the beta program leads to certificates?
A: Not at this time but we are evaluating several options for future opportunities.

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