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Adoption Spotlight: Designing the Future Hybrid Workplace

Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Community Live

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In this event, we will hear from Christopher Connolly of Anthem, who will share how he is approaching the future workplace, which in his eyes is inevitably a hybrid one. So how do you plan for that? What do offices and meeting rooms look like? As a Collaboration Architect, Christopher will highlight how collaboration devices such as our Webex Devices are ESSENTIAL and give insight on how he is bringing his organization up to speed to properly adopt the technology. We will also hear how you can use Webex Devices to gain a detailed insight into meeting room usage and how you can use devices to prove ROI.


Our panelists


Christopher Connolly has over 20 years of experience in IT with the majority of it focused on collaboration. He has held a variety of roles as both a customer and a partner/reseller at organizations of all sizes giving him a well-rounded viewpoint. In his current role at Anthem he officially serves as the collaboration and digital workplace architect while better being known as an evangelist for changing Anthem’s culture through intelligent and sometimes creative use of technology.


Arnaud Caigniet has been a part of Cisco for 10 years. Before focusing his efforts on Intelligent Workplaces, Arnaud led the Webex Desk portfolio.

He has a deep background in engineering, with an MSC in electronics. Arnaud has spent 10 years in R&D as a researcher, developer, and project manager, working in companies like Nokia, Opera Software, France Telecom, and a French startup.



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