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Walkthrough Wednesdays

Webex Community Event: Changing the Collaboration Conversation

Cisco Employee
Community Live


In this event, we will be having a fireside chat on the topic of Webex adoption. Every organization is different, whether it be the size, industry, workflow, etc. And adoption doesn’t just happen, it requires effort on behalf of everyone from IT, through HR/Comms, and right down to the end-user who we are expecting to change.


Our experts will walk us through what it means to have a successful adoption plan and discuss the following:

  • What is Adoption
  • Why it matters
  • Who benefits from it
  • How do you achieve it


About our Panelists


Jonathan George - Jonathan is the co-author and facilitator of the Change the Collaboration Conversation workshop. A Cisco Webex Expert with more than 10 years of experience helping Cisco, its partners, and their customers understand the real professional and personal benefits that can be derived from the world’s most comprehensive collaboration platform and its suite of tools - Webex.

As an evangelist with a passion for what the technology can make happen and how its application delivers business outcomes, he believes that collaboration is a business superpower. However, without help to use and adopt the platform and tools correctly, it is likely that the business will not derive the full value from their investment and the users of the technology will fail to experience the full benefits available to them.

Linda Uli - A pioneer in the Virtual Training space, Linda Uli began her training career with Apple Computer, gaining unparalleled experience managing their training division, while also establishing herself as a respected learning and development professional. Her passion moved her to the virtual world while working at WebEx where she created an award-winning Customer University. As Webex became Cisco, she shared her love of collaboration and Webex by helping customers take their adoption strategies to new heights. 

Currently working as the Learning Experience Training Manager for Cisco, she uses her secret talent of strategically designing memorable, high energy training experiences by building a customer university. While her speaking and consulting engagements have taken her around the world, Linda is proud to call the bay area of California home.



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