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Sx80 sessions to fail after 44 minutes. Intermittant

Issue started around Oct 2019 when customer moved to a different provider of services.  Intermittantly users meet in a meeting.  3 users from across the company meet.  Several times one of the users is disconnect from the meeting at 44 minutes 33 Seconds.   IF host of meeting is disconnected all users are disconnected.  Does NOT happen all the time.  Checked SIP timers on CUCM (11.5), checked Protocol SIP setting in Expressway C and E (8.11.4), all are set to default settings.  MRA users do not experience any issue.  Customer using SX80 going to another Customer (NOT does NOT have disconnect issue.  I have attached a file showing a SX80 SIP Session moving along fine until the 13:36:49 time stamp.  At that point the session starts to change:

2020-01-10T13:36:51.008-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: RemoteVideoInput::MonitorStatusChanged(p=3) receivingMediaData(false)[133/MAIN/#1]
2020-01-10T13:36:57.701-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: RemoteVideoInput::MonitorStatusChanged(p=3) protocol(65)[133/MAIN/#1] resolution(0:0)[133/MAIN/#1]
2020-01-10T13:36:57.903-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: LayoutUpdated(p=1) outputNo=1 og=114
2020-01-10T13:36:57.903-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: LayoutUpdated ...frame[GUI] gui RelevantForMultistream=Relevant p=1 src=1 ig=-1 CSISceneId=0 type=- placeholder=0 avatar=0 HDCPBlocked=0 reso=-1/-1 crop=0/0/1000/1000 x=0 y=0 w=10000 h=10000 l=0 b=0 m=0 letterbox fcref=0 boardSessionId=0
2020-01-10T13:37:01.008-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: RemoteVideoInput::MonitorStatusChanged(p=3) avatar(true)[133/MAIN/#1]
2020-01-10T13:38:16.462-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: CallDisconnectRequested(p=3) remoteURI='' cause=[normal('') 'LocalDisconnect']
2020-01-10T13:38:16.462-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: ParticipantLeftConference(c=2,p=3)
2020-01-10T13:38:16.465-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: LayoutUpdated(p=3) outputNo=1 og=134
2020-01-10T13:38:16.509-05:00 appl[2888]: MainEvents I: CallDisconnected(p=3) remoteURI='' causeToLocal=[normal('') 'LocalDisconnect'] causeToRemote=[normal('') 'LocalDisconnect']


I am trying to understand WHAT the changes are and if they would cause a disconnect.   Is there a document to help explain the LOG file pulled from the SX80 end point?

Any idea what could be the cause of this issue, would be appreciated.

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: Sx80 sessions to fail after 44 minutes. Intermittant

"The correct team of experts to help you are available by raising a case at That said, once your issue is resolved, we'd love to hear if there was a fix that would work for our extended community. Come on back and let us know how you resolved this. thanks for being an active member of our Webex Community. "

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