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2.4 GHz coverage issue

We have AP 3602i and 5508 controller with 7.4.101 at this office.  I did a passive wireless site survey and the result shows this office has poor 2.4 GHz coverage but not 5.0 GHz.

what variable might cause poor 2.4 GHz wireless coverage at that office?



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what variable might cause

what variable might cause poor 2.4 GHz wireless coverage at that office?

Co-channel interference is the biggest culprit.

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Thank you Leo,how do I

Thank you Leo,

how do I correct this issue?  

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how do I correct this issue?

how do I correct this issue?  

Is CleanAir enabled?

Is EDRRM enabled?

Is DCA and TPC enabled?

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The answers for your

The answers for your questions are yes, yes, and yes.


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Eric,You should look at the


You should look at the rouge access point list on your controllers to have an idea of other 2.4ghz wireless that can affect your current 2.4ghz.  You probably haven't optimized your network also.  Look at the power level of the access points.  I'm betting that the power is pretty low due to co-channel interference.  If access points are placed in the hallway, then your out of luck to be honest. You will have to hard set your TPC to prevent RRM from lowering the power down too much.  Poor access point placement is another main reason why power levels are low. 


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Hi Scott,I have the same

Hi Scott,

I have the same problem on 2.4Ghz, yes there is a couple of co-channel interference but the those APs are the old APs that we are currently still using. the problem is that we also have external users that used old laptops and were not able to connect to 5Ghz. I have tried to increase the power but still the 2.4Ghz laptop users say that the old AP has better response even in 2.4Ghz. They would not want to transfer to the new AP infra due to this.

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Please refer to the below

Please refer to the below link which will explain all about 2.4 GHz channel Planning.

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