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9120 vs 3802i

Hi all,

I have a small project - installing Wi-Fi for one branch office. In a couple of branch offices, I have installed 3802i APs with Mobility Express but as there is 9120 I was wondering would it be better to go with this new APs. My biggest consideration is how good the signal is on them. Is 9120 strong as 3802i?

My branch:

- Around 30 devices connected all time
- We expect a maximum of 150 users connected only when we have events and it's one day in the month
- We are pulling Cat 6A cables for APs and we plan to install 12 indoor and one outdoor AP to cover garden. 

Also, I was thinking to install one Cisco 2960x-48FPS-L as it can provide 740W of power and in future, if we need more APs, that switch is capable. Also, we can connect workstations to it but of course over different VLAN.

What would you recommend? Should I stay with 3802i or go with 9120?

Thank you!

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I'd go with the 9120.
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Few things you should consider:

Firstly what WLC are you running and what other model APs do you need to support. The 9120 requires AirOS 8.9 or to be on the Cat 9800 controller.


After that you will need to do a site survey/ predictive design to determine where to place them.


the 9120 has just been released but feedback from contacts who have been doing the EFTs with them has been really positive.


If it was me I would be looking at the 9120s due to them supporting wifi 6 and running the Cisco RF ASIC in them

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We did a survey and we are waiting for the contractor to make cabling.
Like our other sites, we don’t have WLC, we use Mobility Express and as I can see it will be supported “Note: Features available in a future releases – Cisco Mobility Express, Target Wake Time, BSS Coloring, Uplink/downlink OFDMA, Cisco Intelligent Capture”.
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If you want to ahead in WiFi6 game, then yes go with 9120. Like any other new products, it will take time to bake the product/software to support it. So you may have challenges..


Here is a good overview video about these Cisco 802.11ax APs