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A little help to configure Cisco Access Point

Hello everyone,

I am a new customer of Cisco Access Point AIR-AP2802E-E-K9C. I don't have much experience with this class of hardware Cisco. Could someone help me, how to configure this AP? I have experience with switches and routers. I would like, to this AP works standalone.

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Re: A little help to configure Cisco Access Point


 - You will find numerous 'example resources' on this on the Net; with relevant google-queries; below is an example :



How to configure standalone Cisco access point from GUI and configure WPA2 authentication
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Re: A little help to configure Cisco Access Point

Search on youtube for Mobility Express.
Basically, power on the AP and connect it to a LAN with active DHCP. Wait ~10 minutes until it's started and you see a new SSID broadcasted. Connect with your laptop/mobile phone to that new SSID and followi the configuration wizard. Don't forget to save the configuration!

Re: A little help to configure Cisco Access Point

Hello Radek,


AIR-AP2802E is only mobility express capable, and there is no stand alone mode. What you can do is to make this AP as controller, and then it will work as stand alone. Only console access is suitable for installation. I assume you have switch port ready for AP (allowed specific vlans), and router ( routed management and wifi subnet, ip helper on interface). First, before installation check if you have mobility express IOS already inside your AP. You can check it via commands

show flash

, or 

show version

In show version output you should see the state "Mobility express capable" . If you realize you dont have this ios loaded in your AP, you need to download it from cisco site (I recommend AIR-AP2800-K9-ME-8-3-143-0.tar, once installation is finished and all is good you will upgrade it), and then load it via tftp to your AP with command (

ap-type mobility-express tftp://<IP address>/<file>

, example:
ap-type mobility-express tftp://


Please note your AP will receive IP address from DHCP server (so you need to have DHCP server running). Once IOS is loaded and you need to wait until Mobility Express is booted, then run the autoinstall and put there management IP address, and Country Code. Please note you need 2 IP address from same range - one static for management access and second DHCP for virtual AP inside controller.

Once done you will connect to AP via web and do all necessary settings in web browser.

So those are really brief steps, for detailed instruction see the user guide attached.


I hope you will make it.



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