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AIR-1852 with Mobility Express - AP to be on separate vlan than untagged management

I am trying to setup a 1852 with Mobility Express. I can get it working with most items, however we have a Security Policy in place that says that management traffic should be segmented from other traffic. In a normal WLC situation all the APs are on vlan 152 and the controller management is on 153 with guests being other vlans. In this case I am just going to use 157 for Guest traffic.


I was able to tag the AP section with 152 and it seemed to get an address and I setup DHCP option 43 to point it to its controller, but it seems to get an address and then the whole system reboots itself. I know management traffic is untagged and plan to use the native vlan for that. Right now guests will get DHCP from the 1852 tagged with 157.

I have noticed that if the AP does not have an IP address management also does not work of the controller. Any best way to accomplish this would be helpful.


In a nutshell:

Guest Traffic will get DHCP from Controller tagged with 157

AP needs to tag on 152 and get IP address and controller info from outside DHCP server (unless the controller can also handle that)


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