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AIR-AP1562E can't join SSID in WGB mode + red blinking LED

Hello everybody,


we have a Cisco Aironet 1562 that we are trying to connect to an existing SSID (provided by an AP managed by a WLC).

The access point need to bridge the SSID to his ethernet interface, where a PC is connected, using WorkGroupBridge mode.


In order to make WGB works on the 1562, we upgraded his firmware from version 8.5 to version 8.8.

We then used the following configuration commands (SSID name and pwd are fictional):


configure ssid-profile WGB ssid wgbtest authentication psk password12345  key-management wpa2

configure dot11radio 1 disable

configure dot11radio 1 antenna ab-antenna

configure dot11radio 1 encryption mode mode ciphers aes-ccm

configure dot11radio 1 mode wgb ssid-profile wgbtest

configure dot11radio 1 enable


we also provided a number of "configure wgb" statement to change timeouts and other parameters (shouldn't be a big deal)


At first, we received an error WGB_UPLINK_SEC: Uplink client state is invalid(1).Dropping the EAP packet.

So, we decided to upgrade to version 8.10

That error then disappeared, but we start to receive the new message DOT11_UPLINK_SCAN, repeating periodically


Also, the status LED, after blinking green during boot time, starts to blink RED/OFF forever


Did someone of you configured a 1562 AP in WGB mode ?

Do you know what could be the cause of this behaviour ?


Best regards,


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