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AIR-AP2802I-B-K9 ME Setup

Hi all,


I converted AIR-AP2802I-B-K9 from capwap to ME.

I went thru initial config procedure and now I am able to login thru https web mode.

However, I do not see wlan broadcasted although all settings for wlan are made.

Also, my another concern is that device itself is still blinking red-off-green-off-blue-off.

And one more concern is that I do not see any access point in web menu.


Did I miss any settings? Please help.

Cisco Employee

You need a DHCP server. The AP entity needs this to grab an IP Address and join the WLC 

You have 3 options: 

  • external DHCP server
  • configure the DHCP scope in the ME itself
  • configure a static IP address in the AP 


For the last point you can use the following commands

from ME prompt ">"



capwap ap ip <address> <mask> <gateway>

capwap ap primary-base <ME name> <ME address> 


Rafael - TAC

Thanks for reply.


I added DHCP settings, but still nothing changed.

LED is still blinking in cycle.

Weird thing is that my AP is appearing in Access points list sometimes but I can't apply any changes to it.


where did u added the DHCP?

please share more details it is hard to help with that information. 

Rafael - TAC

In web mode there is DHCP server settings, where I added DHCP pool....Was it wrong place? :)


again very few information.

can you share show run-config from ME? 

Rafael - TAC

Ok, let me try to explain from beginning.

I have AIR-AP2802I-B-K9 which I need to setup for future tests.

As I dont have any WLC, I read in internet that I should use ME.

Then, I downloaded 8-10-130 FW and upgraded using TFTP.


After reboot, I went thru config wizard but after another reboot I cannot find any new network.

Did i use wrong FW version?


Run config is enclosed herewith. I gave up and aborted in the middle of it :(



do as follow so i can check your configuration 


ssh to the ME - log the session 

config paging disable 

config session timeout 0

show run-config


attach the file to the thread. 

Rafael - TAC

here a good video how to set this up:


Rafael - TAC

I have checked the video, thanks for the link.


However, after I converted to ME, after reboot I do not see any SSID CiscoAirProvision.

I went thru config wizard in serial terminal and then I was able to login thru web interface.

I am also able to setup new wlan. But point is that I do not see any Access Points.

I used v. 8-10-130. IS there any way to downgrade to any other version? since i do not see any access point in web interface I can't use it to downgrade...and when I try downgrading using serial, it says that there is no need to update...


Hi Rafael,


Hope you had a great weekend.


Please check the file.

SOmehow, file is not being uploaded to this forum. I uploaded to google drive:




Few comments: 

  • when you go through the CLI Wizard the SSID CiscoAirProvision will stop being broadcasted
  • SSID: CiscoAirProvision is only broadcasted on the 2.4 band so your device phone/pc needs to scan this band.
  •  The AP is not registered to the ME as it does not have an IP address. 

Do you have an external DHCP server for this? 

Configure a DHCP scope for the following subnet and that should do it


IP Address.......................................

IP Netmask.......................................

IP Gateway.......................................


Rafael - TAC

Thanks for your guide.


Now I am able to see my access point in web interface. (Not sure if it was caused by country setting or by DHCP settings, anyways...)

I noticed weird behavior: LED is still blinking thru red-green-blue cycle... once I restart the AP, I can see my created WLAN, but it goes off after several minutes.


Is it caused by power or are there any other settings that i missed?


it sounds like the AP is not fully registered to the WLC. 

You can attach a fresh show run-config to check on it after the changes. 

Rafael - TAC

You have selected Korea as the country, if that is correct, then you need a -K and not -B model:

The -B models are only for USA (and maybe some other countries). It might still work, but only with a very few channels/frequencies.

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