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AP syslog configuration

A wireless site survey was completed recently and they reported that AP syslog messages are sent to broadcast...

Syslog is disabled on every controller in our environment.  Is there a way to enable/disable syslog on the APs themselves?


IIRC it cannot be.  You can give it as DHCP option 7 or as a CLI command:

config ap syslog host global < ip address>

Generally what I do, is assign a bogus address to syslog and then at L3 route it to Null0


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You can enable AP syslog via WLC CLI only. AP needs to be register for a WLC prior to apply this commands. If you connect new APs, they will send syslog for the configured host, but level & facility will be default(not what you configured). So to make sure it is correct you have to configuer these when all APs register (or every time you add new APs)

You can use for "all" keyword if you want to apply settings to all APs, or else specific AP name if you want to configure this for a given AP

config ap logging syslog facility all>

config ap logging syslog level all>

config ap syslog host global x.x.x.x

If you want to configuere syslog host for specific AP

config ap syslog host specific x.x.x.x

Following commands can be used to verify.

show ap config global

show logging

show ap config general

In case if you want to configure similar thing for WLC you can use the followings

config logging syslog host x.x.x.x

config logging syslog facility

config logging syslog level



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Hi Rasika,

This command configures the syslog host for all APs

config ap syslog global host x.x.x.x

And this command configures the syslog host on the WLC

config logging syslog host x.x.x.x

Is the result of both commands the same?

Can both commands be used?

Are they sending different information to the syslog host?



The WLC and AP send different information, it’s best to configure both.
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Kindly check the following link for WLC configuration of syslog


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Message logging is enabled by default. It must be enabled to send messages to any destination other than the console. When enabled, log messages are sent to a logging process, which logs messages to designated locations asynchronously to the processes that generated the messages.

Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to disable message logging:

Command  Purpose 

Step 1  -configure terminal
Enter global configuration mode.

Step 2  -no logging on
Disable message logging.

Step 3  -end
Return to privileged EXEC mode.

Step 4  -show running-config


show logging
Verify your entries.

Step 5  -copy running-config startup-config
(Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file.


In unified wireless (ie CAPWAP)  you cannot save any configuration like you said & ovewritten by WLC. Therefore you have to configure them through WLC if you want to persist the config even during a AP reboot.


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If my clients don't have a syslog server, I would do what Steve mentioned and configure the AP syslog to point to a bogus IP address. That what I do:)

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