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Best WiFi infrastructure for SmallBussiness VoIP roaming


we're a small bussiness with about 20 WiFi Clients in the process of deploying WiFi VoIP on an fragmented office area of about 300m² on two levels. By doing a simple site survey of our current WiFi installation I know that we will need multiple APs to properly cover this area, maybe 4 of them.

My question is what does this community think about which components to choose to give WiFi VoIP users a reliable phone experience with seamless roaming from one cell to another. We currently use some AP541 which I understand will always create a handover gap of several seconds when changing from one AP to another.

I personally would prefer a WLC <-> LAP installation but would need some hint on which devices to use for providing both, high quality VoIP for phone clients (i.e. cisco wifi phones) and fast 802.11n data access for mobile notebook users. It should also allow for good future extension without having to replace all the gear. As only little of the available clients support 5GHz we can limit to 2.4GHz single band equipment for the moment. I've been looking at Cisco 2504 WLC. As I understand it supports 802.11n and I like it's advanced features like CleanAir technology. Would that be a recommended choice? What LAPs would be a good match, i.e. LAP1041N? Other oppinions?

Can WLC <-> LAP connection share our LAN network segment or does it need a dedicated installation?

Thanks in advance,


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