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can a WLC 2504 be connected directly to DSL/Cable modem for internet connectivity?

im being told WLC cannot be connected to modem directly?

our isp has installed

dpc 3825 in bridged mode and given us a static ip, can i connect a wlc directly to it?

if not can i use a home wireless router (not layer 3, doesnt supprort vlans) to it then wlc to router?

dpc 3825 > netgear home router > wlc 2504   (use netgear as dhcp server etc_

what would be the most basic setup in this case... (least amount of hardware ..)

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can a WLC 2504 be connected directly to DSL/Cable modem for inte


As per your query i can suggest you the following solution-

No, you cannot connect  a WLC 2504 directly to DSL/Cable modem for internet connectivity

Hope this will help you.


Re: can a WLC 2504 be connected directly to DSL/Cable modem for

  Yes WLC can not be directly connected to any of the DSL Modem

The setup you mention can easily work as the Netgear home router has DHCP service and that can provide the IP to the clients.

As the minimal configuration (Hardware) required for the WLC is the IP and gateway for it to manage the APs.

                             WLC====== Router(DSL)+Switch  ======AP

However DCP 3825 has four  ether net ports if you have more AP you can connect a switch.

basic configuration of WLC (additional)

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I'm confused with your response. Your first statement is that "WLC can not be directly connected" and then in your diagram you have:

WLC====== Router(DSL)+Switch  ======AP

which looks to me that you're suggesting to connect the WLC directly to the modem provided by ISP. Can you please explain?

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Typically your modem would

Typically your modem would just be layer 2 and you would have a router connected to the modem. If the router then has free Ethernet ports, your WLC can connect there. However, if you have a PoE switch that hangs off your router to power up AP's, it might be better to connect your AP's and WLC on the switch. At home I have a Comcast modem which a 1941w router is connected to. I have 8 PoE Ethernet ports on the router which I also have a PoE switch that hangs off one of the routers Ethernet port and my 2504 and AP's hang off that switch. I do have another PoE switch that hangs off another port on the router where I have a couple more AP's connected to. 

You can setup this many ways and if you had a router that was also a modem, you possible can I guess connect the WLC to that.


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Hi Scott,

Hi Scott,

Thank you for chiming in and providing more color to this.

This is a home setup that I'm attempting, port 1 on the 2504 controller is connected directly to one of the ports on the Verizon FiOS router, 2 AP's are connected directly to the 2504, one to Port 3, the other to port 4. The FiOS router is doing NAT and the inside subnet is 192.168.10.x. I have configured the AP's with static IP addresses (within the same subnet) and they joined the controller successfully, from a client device I am able to see the one SSID configured and I am able to associate to it via WPA2. The issue is that I'm not able to get to the Internet. Any thoughts? I can post my controller config if it will make things easier.

Thanks much.

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So your SSID is mapped to the

So your SSID is mapped to the management interface and the router is providing dhcp correct?  


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Yes, SSID is mapped to

Yes, SSID is mapped to management.

The DHCP addresses for client devices is coming from the 2504. it is configured as a DHCP server, addresses are in the same subnet as Management interface and also in the same subnet as the FiOS router.

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