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CCX devices matrix support

In order to do WLAN troubleshooting, I need an updated matrix list that includes the following:

  • Which mobile device support CCX? Vendor/device name and version
  • Which version of CCX is supported per device?
  • Which feature is supported per CCX version?

Based on BYOD philosophy we are unable to know the supported feature per device. For example CCKM in which CCX version is supported? And which device supports the feature?

The device specification per vendor does not include CCX information.

Please let me know if you have URL with the above information.

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HI Amin,

Please check the below Forum link for CCX solutions.


Hope it might help you


This is for telephony. I'm looking for WLAN CCX matrix

Your network partner in Luxembourg

Check the following I found for you.These are the support Vendors. Hope that will be helpful.




Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) is a Cisco specification for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN based client devices. There are currently four versions of the Cisco Compatible specification: Version 1 (V1), Version 2 (V2), Version 3 (V3), and Version 4 (V4). The details of the CCX specification can be found at the Cisco web pages:

Most of the Nokia Eseries devices and also some other Nokia devices (e.g. N79, N85, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic) have been officially verified to conform with Cisco CCX specification (usually either CCXv3 or CCXv4 compatible). The latest status for the Nokia devices can be viewed at the Cisco Compatible Extensions Client Devices web page:

Please, note that the above list contains only the devices which have been specifically tested and verified. The corresponding WLAN functionality is available also in other Nokia devices but these devices haven't gone through the official testing process. 


CCX Overview and Features :-


Tip:- Whatever Device you use for testing ,you can verify the Devices in network which are CCX supported and their version from Controller GUI interface.



Thanks for your reply. But the CCX homepage does not provide useful information. Just general list of the vendor. No matrix per device, This is what I'm looking for. Yes I can check it from the controller but this is not scalable as we are in BYOD WLAN philosophy :) 

Thanks for the features link. But this is not out dated document???

Your network partner in Luxembourg
VIP Advocate

This lack of detailed information is one of the main reasons why I disabled CCX alltogether in our BYOD environment. The second is the reducement of possible driver issues.

Also Cisco recommends in their documentation to disable CCX, unless it's a voice enabled SSID.


Do you know if there is any update about the CCX? Is it a good idea to enable this nowadays?


The trend goes for a "no", because more and more devices stop supporting it. Even Intel stopped supporting it on all their devices that support current drivers:
Most features of CCX have now been implemented in other Wi-Fi standards.
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