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Changing 2 remote 5508s to HA pair

I have 2 5508 controllers that were originally used as standalone controllers.  The APs have been moved to another controller and I want to set them up as an HA pair for a different group of APs.   The service port isn't connected.   Can I configure these as a pair remotely?    Their mgmt. interface IPs are obviously different and I can't change either of them without causing an conflict. The HA ports are cabled.  If I configure the redundancy management IPs and peers, configure one of the units as secondary will the fact that the mgmt. IP addresses are different cause a problem when I config maintenance mode sso?   Or will they reboot and the secondary will assume the mgmt. IP of the primary?

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You need to have 50 AP

You need to have 50 AP license to convert regular WLC to HA.

why you want to change ...can you please explain about your exact and complete situation. so that we can find the right solution.


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most of our APs are now on

most of our APs are now on 8510s.   the 5508s will be used for non-US APs so the 8510s will no longer have to support those APs.   Both 5508s have 500 AP licenses.  I understand the HA pair will only use the primary controller's license.  The secondary controller license will be unusable.   The configuration docs I've read assume the user is consoled into the controllers.  One of them seems to say that both controllers' mgmt. IPs have to be configured with same IP address before enabling SSO.  The controller mgmt. IPs and redundancy mgmt. IPs are in the same subnet and the HA ports are connected but the mgmt. IPs are different from each other.  Just want to make sure that won't prevent this from working.   I realize the 2 controllers' will have the same mgmt. IP once they've rebooted assuming the redundancy process works.  Thanks

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You are correct. They will

You are correct. Both the controllers share the same configurations, including the IP address of the management interface.

Here is the complete guide for configuration:

First you need to assign diff Mgmt ip address for both WLCs.


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Ok. I think the documentation

Ok. I think the documentation was a little confusing.  It seemed to say the mgmt. IPs of the 2 controllers had to be the same before enabling SSO.  But I left the mgmt. IPs different from each other and configured the redundancy mgmt.  Then enabled sso and after they rebooted they came back up successfully and as expected the secondary controller now shows the primary controller's ip as its mgmt. ip.   show redundancy summary shows the correct local and peer states so all looks good.  thanks

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Yes that's correct way to do

Yes you did it correctly.


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