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Changing WiFi password in Cisco WLC



I'm not aware of the Wireless thing. Can somebody please help me in changing the Wifi Password in WLC? Please help if anybody can. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi Saurav Lodh,Yeah this is

Hi Saurav Lodh,

Yeah this is what I meant actually :) Thanks man.. Cheers.!


from 8.0 version, you're able

from 8.0 version, you're able to also change the SSID.


Hi dinis_cisco,We have 4.2

Hi dinis_cisco,

We have version and when i am here

i can't see 8 asterisks or 8 character password. There are only 5 asterisks or stars. I guess the minimum password for any ssid is 8 character password. Can somebody explain what's going on? If I'm not getting anything? I can't TRY it because i am a new appointee, I can't risk the displeasure of already hot-headed boss :) Cheers..!!

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Don't create a short password

Don't create a short password since the min is I believe 8 characters. Don't worry about the * also, just enter the new password and make sure the devices change the password also and test.


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Hi Scott,Thanks. Can you

Hi Scott,

Thanks. Can you explain what you said "make sure the devices change the password also and test." I didn't get you on that. The Access Points are attached with the WLC. Won't the APs' passwords be changed when we change the password as shown in the link above? Can you please explain what devices are you exactly talking about? Thanks again.. Cheers..!!

you are changing the password

you are changing the password on the WLAN, so any device that is going to connect needs to update that password as well. Otherwise they will not be able to connect any more.




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Hi Steve,Thank buddy. But can

Hi Steve,

Thanks buddy. But can you please tell me how to find that particular device whose SSID's password needs to be changed. We have several APs and a few WLANs SSIDs. I have attached snapshot for the guidance. Please guide me as I'm lost in wireless issue. I dont know what to look for. Thanks.. Cheers..!


Re: Hi dinis_cisco,We have 4.2

This link doesn't works..



Link is not working
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On the WLC GUI go to Advanced (if not already there) -> WLANs -> click on the SSID you want to change -> Security -> Layer 2. There you should see the PSK. Change it, click Apply (this will disconnect all clients and they need to update the wireless profile on their devices). Lastly click Save Configuration at the top.

Hello Faheem,Please go

Hello Faheem,

Please go through the below process to change the password for WLC

I am assuming that you know the current password and can login -- the process for password recovery is different.

From the GUI, you cannot change a password for a management user -- you can only add new users or remove old ones. (Under Management > Local Management Users)

From the Command Line (telnet/ssh), you can change the password for an already created username:

config mgmtuser password : "config mgmtuser password "

Hope this helps!


Hi sobhardw and Prakash

Hi sobhardw and Prakash Parvathala,


Thank you so much guys. Actually I didn't mean the mgmt password of the device itself. I meant wifi AP password. We have different access points here and they are connected with the WLC through a switch. So my manager asked me to change the passwords of those APs. But thank you guys for your time. Cheers..! 

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Hello Faheem,To change the

Hello Faheem,

To change the password for an existing username, enter config mgmtuser password username new_password

For more information , Please refer to the Configuration Guide link :

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