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Cisco 3504 and 5508 WLC Anchor Compatibility for Wifi6 and 9120 APs

I am trying to establish the possibility of using a 3504 WLC at a branch running to support 9120 WiFi6 APs - while potentially using a 5508 as a central Guest Anchor. I understand the last version of code for the 5508 is 8.5.


I've had a look at but cannot find the answer to my questions.


1) Can I use the 3504 upgraded to with the 9120 APs in the branch while using the 5508 as a guest anchor running 8.0.152, even though it doesn't support the 9120 APs itself?


2) Can the 5508 guest anchor, currently running 8.0.152 cope with a mix of branch WLCs running various versions, from 8.0.152, 8.5 as well as If not, would upgrading it to 8.5 (the final supported release) then allow it to work as a Guest anchor to the 3504?


3) If this isn't possible would you suggest using a 3504 as a guest anchor instead, for a few hundred guests?


4) If the answers to the above are no or not recommended would the best solution be to buy 2 new 5520 WLCs and run those as guest anchors and run those with our branch 3504s?


If you could direct me to a compatibility document I'd be really grateful, or if you could offer some guidance.


Thank you.

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Re: Cisco 3504 and 5508 WLC Anchor Compatibility for Wifi6 and 9120 APs

It "should" be possible, but it would always be better to run the same version of code at both the foreign and anchor WLC in order to maintain stability and config parity.


A 3504 would be fine for a few hundred guests - the maximum you can anchor is 3000 clients via the 3504.

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