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Cisco AP 1702i join WLC 2504 on direct connect, but not through switchport

Hello All,


Having a very difficult time getting my 1702i AP to join WLC 2504.  This is working fine when direct connected to PoE port on device, but when I attempt to connect to edge switchport (configured for same VLAN as AP-manager) the connection fails.  When debugging capwap on the AP I see this error message:

This AP model is not supported by LWAPP WLC

WLC is running version and both devices are in the proper regulatory domain.  I can even ping the AP manager from the AP... so I'm not sure what is failing here.


Again, the AP joins just fine when directly connected to onboard port of 2504.  


EDIT here is some additional information:

  • WLC 2504 is configured with interface Management assigned to port 1. 
  • AP-Manager is assigned to port 2 which is a trunk port going back to 3650 switch.  Other interfaces used by WLANs also traverse this trunk port.
  • Edge switch is 2960s connected to 3650 via trunk port.  The switchport which the LAP is connected to is set to switchport mode access on VLAN 85, which is the same VLAN as AP-Manager. 
  • Ping is successful from LAP to AP-Manager interface.
  • In DNS is there is an entry for CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER which I see resolves successfully when LAP boots up.


Any ideas?




Re: Cisco AP 1702i join WLC 2504 on direct connect, but not through switchport

Looks like I was able to get this working.  I'm not sure what did it, but I did two things.


1) Since I was previously using my 3650's WLC capabilities before getting the 2504, I changed the Wireless management interface to VLAN 1 which is disabled (had previously disabled all WLANs and changed Wireless management to VLAN other than current one for 2504, however that VLAN was still an active VLAN).  I don't think this is what did it..


2) I enabled multicast on the 3650 and applied to Wireless management VLAN.  

Global command: 

ip multicast-routing
On Wireless Management VLAN
ip pim dense-mode
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