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Cisco AP - Weird address in CDP



I'm seeing some weird behavior with a handful of Cisco 1832 AP's. When I do a show cdp nei detail on the switch, my AP gets a weird 6.132.x.x address:


DCE_RM215_SW2#sh cdp nei gi1/0/22 det
Device ID: AP007E.9584.4F30
Entry address(es):
IP address:
Platform: cisco AIR-AP1832I-B-K9, Capabilities: Router Trans-Bridge
Interface: GigabitEthernet1/0/22, Port ID (outgoing port): GigabitEthernet0
Holdtime : 151 sec

Version :
Cisco AP Software, ap1g4-k9w8 Version:
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 2014-2015 by Cisco Systems, Inc.

advertisement version: 2
Power drawn: 17.900 Watts
Power request id: 61193, Power management id: 2
Power request levels are:17900 15400 0 0 0
Management address(es):
IP address:


Switchport is configured exactly the same as for working AP's. On one switch, i'm seeing some AP's getting proper addresses and some getting the above 6.132.x.x addresses, so it doesn't "seem" to be switch-related. I've factory reset the AP, no luck. I've reloaded the switch, no luck. I've done a setenv FACTORY RESET 0 from bootup, no luck.


Any thoughts?


Re: Cisco AP - Weird address in CDP

We observed this behaviour with all the new APs (18XX/28Xx/38XX).
The IP address is a "conversion" of the MAC address of the AP.
Unlike the "classic" IOS AP, because the new APs behave more like PCs than AP, they are more "sensitive" to DHCP servers with "multi-path" (like request comes in a different interface and acknowledgement goes out the other) or DHCP servers with "floating" address.
Make sure the DHCP Option 43 IP Helper Address is pointing to a physical IP address (and not a virtual IP address).


Re: Cisco AP - Weird address in CDP

I have option 43 under the DHCP scope pointing to my WLC.


option 43 hex f104.0a7b.xxxx


Re: Cisco AP - Weird address in CDP

My apologies ... I am getting confused.
I mean the IP Helper Address (for the IP address of the AP) is pointing to a physical IP address (and not virtual IP address).

Re: Cisco AP - Weird address in CDP

I understand. We have the DHCP scope setup on the Core switch. And like I said, i've got AP's getting proper addresses. Wondering if it is a bug, but nothing in the bug toolkit. Thanks.


Re: Cisco AP - Weird address in CDP

I've reported this but TAC said they can't replicate it.
Ok, so if you have this in your core and the APs are still getting the 6.X.X.X IP address, can you, say, test this?
Get a switch, enable the DHCP scope and plug the AP directly to the switch. Make sure the switch doesn't have any uplink. See if you are still getting this issue.
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