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Cisco Prime 3.2.2 Wrong Power 0 on Heatmaps

Hello WLAN Guys,

all the best for 2018 first for You.

I'm struggling here with the latest Prime heatmaps which do not work as expected.

Same WLAN APs with same Power Level Show up with different size of Color representation

and are showing even Power Level 0.

See attache heatmap.

Cisco Prime Heatmap Power Level 0.JPG


Has anybody a clue what might be wrong ?


Thank You



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Re: Cisco Prime 3.2.2 Wrong Power 0 on Heatmaps

Remember that Prime heatmaps are not true heatmaps, its estimated.  AirMagnet or Ekahau for example will show you the accurate coverage of a given AP.  They try to estimate based on channels and TX power, but its an estimate.

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Re: Cisco Prime 3.2.2 Wrong Power 0 on Heatmaps

Hello Scott,


thank You very much for Your answer. Of course, it is an estimate only.

What I have a Problem with, is that Prime is displaying different sizes of color representations

for same WLAN APs and same Power Level.


How can I fix the display to show equal circles for equal transmit power ?

And of course, how can I fix the "0"-Power-level display for AP sending at Level 1 ?


Is there a trick on how to move the WLAN AP to each map ?

Shall I remove and add them again to resolve this issue ?


If I would choose an empty paper map, same WLAN APs with same Power should

be represented by indentical color-circle-size, Do You agree ?










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Re: Cisco Prime 3.2.2 Wrong Power 0 on Heatmaps

Check the hotfix 1 for PI 3.2.2, it has a bug fixed which might be responsible for this, but it's a lot of guesswork on my site :)

Release notes:


Bug ID:CSCvh13144


WLC sometimes doesn't return the OID for

bsnAPIfDot11NumberSupportedPowerLevels for some APs to PI


It has at least with the power level to do, which might be the cause here.


Re: Cisco Prime 3.2.2 Wrong Power 0 on Heatmaps

I have the same problem with the heat map display, but all my power levels display accurately.  "Some" maps display what is expected and appears to be accurate (attached "Good" image), but "most" maps do not display the heat maps properly (attached "Bad" image).  For example, if I set the min RSSI display to say -72 and have 4 APs on the map, each AP sees the other neighbors at a RSSI of -60, but the heat display shows gaping white holes/gaps between all the APs and from a visual, would make one think there are massive coverage issues at the site; but of course, there isn't.  Other maps with in the same enterprise display the heat maps relatively accurately - same AP models, same WLC, same RRM group.  NOTE:  I have Prime 3.2.2 with latest patch PI_3_2_2-1.0.13.  Very disappointed with this release of Cisco Prime, way too many issues.  Very interested in a fix for this, customer has tremendous license investment in this product.


Most maps, attached, look like the image with the massive gaps (bad) in coverage (active site survey proves this completely inaccurate), only  few maps look like the one showing good coverage (good). One more note, we have 1600 locations and only about 90 percent of the locations display inaccurate heat maps.

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Re: Cisco Prime 3.2.2 Wrong Power 0 on Heatmaps

If you really need a fix (other than trying 3.3, which probably has other bugs), please open a TAC for this issue and please also keep us updated here.

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