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Cisco WLC 2504

Hi, I have Cisco WLC 2504 and for the first time I am configuring it.  I have configured the WLC, connected the AP 1702, now the next thing is to configure the AP for user & dhcp pool.  kindly help me to configure the further settings.


Configuring DHCP Option 43 and DHCP Option 60

This section contains a DHCP Option 43 configuration example on a Windows 2003 Enterprise DHCP server for use with Cisco Aironet lightweight access points. For other DHCP server implementations, consult product documentation for configuring DHCP Option 43. In Option 43, you should use the IP address of the controller management interface.

Note DHCP Option 43 is limited to one access point type per DHCP pool. You must configure a separate DHCP pool for each access point type.

The 1700 series access point uses the type-length-value (TLV) format for DHCP Option 43. DHCP servers must be programmed to return the option based on the access point’s DHCP Vendor Class Identifier (VCI) string (DHCP Option 60). The VCI string for the 1700 series access point is:

Cisco AP c1700

Note If your access point was ordered with the Service Provider Option (AIR-OPT60-DHCP) selected in the ordering tool, the VCI string for the access point contains ServiceProvider. For example, a 1700 with this option will return this VCI string:
Cisco AP c1700-ServiceProvider

The format of the TLV block is listed below:

  • Type: 0xf1 (decimal 241)
  • Length: Number of controller IP addresses * 4
  • Value: List of WLC management interfaces

To configure DHCP Option 43 in the embedded Cisco IOS DHCP server, follow these steps:

Step 1 Enter configuration mode at the Cisco IOS CLI.

Step 2 Create the DHCP pool, including the necessary parameters such as default router and name server. A DHCP scope example is as follows:

ip dhcp pool <pool name>
network <IP Network> <Netmask>
default-router <Default router>
dns-server <DNS Server>
<pool name> is the name of the DHCP pool, such as AP1702
<IP Network> is the network IP address where the controller resides, such as
<Netmask> is the subnet mask, such as
<Default router> is the IP address of the default router, such as
<DNS Server> is the IP address of the DNS server, such as

Step 3 Add the option 60 line using the following syntax:

option 60 ascii “VCI string”
For the VCI string, “Cisco AP c1700”. The quotation marks must be included.

Step 4 Add the option 43 line using the following syntax:

option 43 hex <hex string>

The hex string is assembled by concatenating the TLV values shown below:

Type + Length + Value

Type is always f1(hex). Length is the number of controller management IP addresses times 4 in hex. Value is the IP address of the controller listed sequentially in hex.

For example, suppose that there are two controllers with management interface IP addresses, and The type is f1(hex). The length is 2 * 4 = 8 = 08 (hex). The IP addresses translate to 0a7e7e02 and 0a7f7f02. Assembling the string then yields f1080a7e7e020a7f7f02. The resulting Cisco IOS command added to the DHCP scope is option 43 hex f1080a7e7e020a7f7f02.


can you plz share these setting in wlc gui mode


Hey Daud.tajik,

 I have attached some snap shoot for configure the WLC and AP.

It will help you to configure your device.



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