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Cisco WLC Remote Site


Hi Everyone,


We are planning to deploy Cisco APs in our remote site. I believe we need to run them in Flexconnect mode however we are planning to deploy Cisco 3850 at remote sites and make them run as local Wireless Controller and all these switches will be reporting to 5508 WLC which is placed at our main office.

Is it possible to implement such design (Main office WLC is running version 8.0). In addition, any documents which can assist with the configuration.

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Yes, if you plan to use 3850

Yes, if you plan to use 3850 as local controller, then put it on MC mode (instead of 5508 your HQ acting as MC). Follow this document as it may helps you on this

From AireOS 8.1 onward this MC functionality may not supported,hence the above advice.



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Thank you guys for the update

Thank you guys for the update. I have managed to configure the 3850 as MC but I have two things I would like to ask your assistance:


1) The switch is running version 03.7.0E and when the AP register to it they get IOS version 7.6. How can I upgrade the APs to IOS version 8.0


2) The mobility group name (case Sensitive) and group peer details is configured on both our main WLC 5508 and the 3850 which is currently placed in our LAN for testing before I deployed on site, but the status is (Control and Data Path Down). I have tried to mping and eping from the WLC to the switch which was unsuccessful. Normal pings are successful and there are no Firewall or restriction between the switch and WLC.

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Please refer to the wireless

Please refer to the wireless deployment guide-

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Please refer to the attached

Please refer to the attached deployment guide for 3850 Switch.

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