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Configure multiple SSID's and VLAN's on Cisco 2125 Wireless Controller

Have never worked with the 2125 so I am new to this.  I have a client who needs to implement public and private wireless within the company.  The private wireless is already setup and functioning properly so I just need to get the public side working.  The clien has 11 HP Procurve 2510 switches and 1 HP Procurve 5412 core switch. 

On the 5412 I have created VLAN 30 PublicAccess and did the same for all of the 2510 switches.  I have tagged the correct ports to VLAN1 and VLAN3 for all the remote switches. I am now to the point to where I can start to configure what I need on the 2125 controller but am not sure where to start.

I would appreciate it someone could give me a little information on how to setup the second SSID and connect it to the proper VLAN on the 2125 controller.

Thank You!


Configure multiple SSID's and VLAN's on Cisco 2125 Wireless Cont

On the WLC, Controller > Interfaces> this is where you add the new interface for vlan 3.

WLAN > Create, this is where you'll create the WLAN and specifiy the sercurity and the interface that it will be linked to.



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Configure multiple SSID's and VLAN's on Cisco 2125 Wireless Cont

Thanks for the reply.  Have a couple other questions though.  On the WLC currently, there are 3 interfaces configured, Management, AP-Manager and Virtual.  The Management and AP-Manager both have IP's assigned to them and both are configured on port 1 of the WLC.  If I setup a new interface called public and assign it to VLAN30 which is my public access VLAN, can I use port 1 on the WLC for that, or do I need to assign it to a different port?

Also, for the AP's do I need to tag each port on the switch they are connected to for VLAN or do I just need to tag port that WLC is connected to?  This is very confusing to me having never worked with the WLC before.

Thanks for any and all help.

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