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Configuring Power Injectors via WCS

We have a couple of hundred 1131 series APs we want to convert to lightweight to use with WiSM and WCS, but we're having trouble figuring out how you tell the APs to accept power from the injectors and not fall into the low-power state. We've scoured the WCS interface and can't find any way to configure the AP power options.


Re: Configuring Power Injectors via WCS

As far as I can tell you have to do that at each controller.


Re: Configuring Power Injectors via WCS


I'm running into the same difficulty with our Lightweight conversion. We're using the PowerDSine 6012 Midspans as our power source. I've done the following:

1. Enable Telent access into your WiSM using the Management menu.

2. Establish a telnet session and issue the following command:

config ap power injector enable installed

This does allow the access point to draw full power and enable it's radios, however, this command must be issued for each AP. Another drawback is that if you move the AP to another switchport, you must reissue the command as the WiSM stores the mac address of the switchport you first configured. When you move the AP, that mac changes, and it will enter a low power state again.

Another solution I've seen on the forum is to disable CDP on the switchport that your AP plugs into, which does work, the AP will show that there is a non-Cisco Injector installed and will power the radios, but IMHO, that is an even worse solution because it requires modifying the config on every ethernet switch that has an AP attached.

Hope this helps.

If you have time, please reply and let me know if you find any other solutions to this issue.




Re: Configuring Power Injectors via WCS

One thing to check, if you are using a Cisco infrastructure (Cisco Switches) and Cisco 1130 or 1240 Series lightweight access points w/power injectors, is to make sure to turn off CDP for that port on the switch. Cisco introduced something called intelligent power management with these APs and they actually use CDP to negotiate power requirements with the switch if they are attached to a Cisco switch. The problem arises if you use a power injector and not the switch to supply the power. The AP starts up and finds out that is attached to a Cisco switch via CDP, it then tries to negotiate power requirements and the negotiation fails because the switch isn't really supplying the power. The result is Low Power Mode at the AP.

The short answer... for my scenario anyway... turn off CDP on that port on the switch and the AP will no longer try to negotiate with the switch.

Again this would only apply if you are using Cisco switches

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