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Converged Access Design Information

Richard Atkin


Has anybody found a guide that looks at CA design information.  There are lots of references to how the MO, MC, MA, SPG architecture is formed and I'm as happy as I can be with that, but there's very, very little information available for how a hardware platform affects the design.

For example, with a 3850 you can have up to 50 APs per switch, and you can have up to 8x 3850 MCs in a Mobility Group, so you'd think you can have (50x8=) 400 Access Points in a Mobility Group, but the 3850 Switch Services Guide actually says you can only have 250, but doesn't say why.

Following on from this, I'd expect there to be a similar limitation with the 3650, but I can't find anything about this at all... and that then got me on to worrying about potential differences between the 5508, WiSM2 and 5760.

Has anybody got an AP-centric design information about CA?



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Rasika Nayanajith
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I agree with you. There are very few documents available to public on this. I hope these CiscoLive material will be useful to you. (Recorded video sessions of these also available thorugh

1. BRKCRS-2889 - Converged Access System Architecture

2. BRKCRS-2888 - Converged Access Design Options

3. BRKCRS-2890 - Converged Access Quality of Service

4. BRKEWN-3021 - Troubleshooting Converged Access Wireless Deployments

5. BRKEWN-2022 - Converged Access Mobility Design & Architecture

Usually Cisco updates their twitter account (#convergedaccess, #cat3850, #wlc5760) with some documents after these type of events. So keep eye on that if you want to get some latest update.



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Here is a very good CA design guide which was listed #clmex (ciscolive mexico) twitter page.



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