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Enable/Disable Radios in AP groups

I was wondering if there are ways to enable and disable the A and G radios based on the AP group that they are in.  The only way i see on actually disabling them has to be done at the global level, nothing specific to the AP group itself.  Is really the only option to disable all data rates in the group? 


I tried the out-of-box presets and it works, but it seems like when i take it out of the out-of-box ap group and put it in its new home, the radios stay in a disabled state too.  When i put it in a new group, shouldn't it enable the radios when placed in a new ap group? 

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Only way to do it based on AP group is to disable the applicable data rates.

This post mentions that the enabling of the radios when you move them from the "out of the box" AP group varies dependant on code version:

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Are you trying to stop the APs from broadcasting the SSID? At a certain time?
If this is what you're looking for then there are several options:
1. Time-based ACL on the AP VLANs; and
2. EnergyWise

I'm just looking to have different ap groups with radios turned off.  For example, lets say i have a high dense area of access points and have too much co-channel on the 2.4 side of things. I want to create 2 ap groups, one where 2.4 is enable and 5 is enable and another group where 2.4 is disabled and 5 is still enabled.  this way i can put the access points in different groups to shut off certain 2.4 radios and reduce the co-channel.  

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How many APs in this "environment"?
What APs are in this "environment"?
Is DCA/RRM turned on?
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