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LAG support (PAgP/ LACP/ ON) on MSE 3365?

Hello Experts, 


What is the LAG mode supported on the MSE 3365? 


Per the datasheet of MSE 3365, it has two Gig ethernet ports (Two rear RJ-45 connectors for connection to two Gigabit Ethernet network adapters). My requirement is to bundle them into LAG on the upstream ACI copper leaf. 

Please suggest the LAG port configuration supported on MSE 3365 and the relevant configuration examples. 




Hello @Muhammed Adnan


 The purpose of two interface is for heartbit and not link aggregation. Find attached a pic explaining.

 Unfortunately I have not a Cisco doc saying clearly but I did install some of them.


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As far as I can tell, your EtherChannel mode will be ON. Looking at the initial setup section in the MSE 3365 configuration guide, we see that the NIC redundancy options are None, Active-standby, and Active-active. They don't define those options in that document, but they are the same options in some of Cisco's other platforms (such as the UCS C-series) where those options are defined in the documentation.


 None The Ethernet ports operate independently and do not fail over if there is a problem. Active-standby — If an active Ethernet port fails, traffic fails over to a standby port. Active-active — All Ethernet ports are utilized simultaneously.


The active-active setting uses Mode 5 or Balance-TLB (adaptive transmit load balancing). This is channel bonding that does not require any special switch support. The outgoing traffic is distributed according to the current load (computed relative to the speed) on each slave. Incoming traffic is received by the current slave. If the receiving slave fails, another slave takes over the MAC address of the failed receiving slave.


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As Flavio said, it is for HA & not for LAG.


LAG is not supported on CMX





Hi Rasika,


Thanks. From the Rear Panel, 

1) 6 is represented as CIMC port

2) 7 is represented as serial port

3) 8 is represented as "Dual 1-Gb Ethernet ports (LAN1 and LAN2). Port 1 is normally used by the Cisco MSE (eth0) for communication with the Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and Cisco Prime Infrastructure."

So for the item no 8 represented in pic below having two ports is for : Uplink and HA respectively? And thus cannot be put in LAG for Uplink.



Cisco MSE 3365.PNG




Thanks @Rasika Nayanajith @Flavio Miranda


For MSE and CMX planned for configuration in HA, what is more recommended?


Network Connected MSE HA (one which uses the network)


Direct Connect configuration (one which makes use of a direct cable connection between the Primary and Secondary MSE servers.)


What would be the most recommended option? I am running MSE 3365s in my network?

In my datacenter, I don't have the luxury to run a dedicated back to back cable for the HA pair.  Having L2 extension for the HA link should be fine?