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Legacy data rates and mystery mac addresses

Recently, we disabled legacy data rates on a 5508 running, and then these messages popped up in the logs,


%APF-3-CHECK_SUPP_RATES_FAILED: [PA]apf_utils.c:411 Could not check supported rates. Missing Supported Rate. Length :0. Mobile MAC: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.


for about 8 mac addresses and reoccurred every hour, so we restored the data rates to the previous settings and the messages disappeared, but we never had any user complaints.


Now with the rates restored, the messages are gone but when I search on these 8 mac addresses not one of them returns anything from show client detail. So, these phantom mac addresess that we never got user complaints about but had logged messages for don't show up as connected clients even though the log messages have stopped. 


I do not know how to reconcile or explain this result. 

VIP Engager

Re: Legacy data rates and mystery mac addresses


 - It is a very 'volatile business' these days where users are running around with all sort of devices, or devices acquired some mobility themselves (smile) whether a connection is intended/needed or part of probing on SSID's for a particular device and or other any other WiFi layer access attempt. Presuming you got the real address already there from the log , you could for instance get an idea of the vendor involved with :




Re: Legacy data rates and mystery mac addresses

Thanks-we do know they are terminals from a certain manufacturer and there
are about 30 at this site all over the campus. What we don't know is why
they reported/probed no support for data rates hourly and then when the data
rates were restored they are not in the client database although they were
probing for connections previously.
VIP Advocate

Re: Legacy data rates and mystery mac addresses

Maybe wrong PSK configured or similar, so they do probe, but can't associate :)
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