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MSE 3310 -no tracking

Hi all,

We got a 3310MSE that does not track clients.,rogues etc for some reason.


- there are no firewalls between PNCS and MSE

- clocks are synced up with NTP

- CAS is running on the MSE

- I have added controllers and a test site with clients and is synced up with the MSE.

- Have enabled tracking under tracking doe clients and rogues excluding adhoc rogue APs -we only have 100 element license.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that MSE is running  version 6 firmware and the controllers are 7.0.220 but I do not think this should prevent  MSE from tracking devices.

Any help/advice is much appreciated.



Service Name: Context Aware Service
Service Version:
Admin Status: Enabled
Operation Status: Up

Service Name: Wireless Intrusion Protection Service
Service Version: 1.0.1106.0
Admin Status: Disabled
Operation Status: Down

Server Monitor

Fri Oct 19 12:11:47 <timezone> 2012
Server current time: Fri Oct 19 12:37:30  <timezone> 2012
Server timezone:

Server timezone offset: 36000000
Restarts: 6
Used Memory (bytes): 51067376
Allocated Memory (bytes): 111869952
Max Memory (bytes): 954466304
DB virtual memory (kbytes): 619
DB virtual memory limit (bytes): 0
DB disk memory (bytes): 4128768
DB free size (kbytes): 2480

Active Sessions

Session ID: 3697
Session User ID: 1
Session IP Address:

Session start time: Fri Oct 19 12:12:23 <timezone> 2012
Session last access time: Fri Oct 19 12:34:56 <timezone>2012

Context Aware Service

Total Active Elements(Clients, Rogues, Interferers): 0
Active Clients: 0
Active Tags: 0
Active Rogues: 0
Active Interferers: 0
Active Wired Clients: 0
Active Elements(Clients, Rogues, Interferers) Limit: 1000
Active Tag Limit: 100
Active Wired Clients Limit: 0
Active Sessions: 1
Clients Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Tags Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Rogues Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Interferers Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Wired Clients Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0
Total Elements(Clients, Rogues, Interferers) Not Tracked due to the limiting: 0

Context Aware Sub Services

Sub Service Name: aeroscout
Version: 3.2.0 -
Description: AeroScout® Location Engine for RSSI and TDOA asset tracking
Registered: true
Active: true
Watchdog Process ID: 8861
Engine Process ID: 9045


We have been informed by our support partner that MSE should be running the same code level as the controllers, perhaps this is your issue.