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Community Live- Understanding How Multicast Works with Cisco

Multiple Antennas into one 1310 Bridge or 1200 AP

Does anyone know if there is any way to get more than 1 antennae going into a Cisco bridge or AP? I have a need to cover as much area and get as much wall penetration as possible but the customer want to keep costs down. If I can get say two 24120 antennas feeding into one AP or Bridge that should (in theory) give me more coverage if I place them in different parts of the building.


Re: Multiple Antennas into one 1310 Bridge or 1200 AP

If you are working with an AP that has two antenna connectors, they work only for "diversity" - meaning that only one antenna is active (transmit or receive) at a time. If you try to spread the coverage area by using two antennas (aimed at two different areas) all you'll get is poor service on a larger area ... it doesn't work very well.

If you are working with a unit with one antenna connector, there are splitters (aka power dividers) that will give you the ability to connect ultiple antennas to one connector.

There are a number of drawbacks:

- The power divider will reduce the transmit & receive power levels by more than half (there are losses involved beyond the power split)

- The additional cabling involved will also reduce the power levels (transmit & receive)

- There's a little more to it than just dropping in an amplifier to overcome the power and receive level drops from the splitter & associated cabling.

- The system is no longer certified (a requirement for most locales) with the governmental agencies. Running an uncertified system can expose you and the customer to some serious penalties in most places that allow wireless data operation.

If you need broader coverage (especially "Wall penetration scenarios), you're generally better off putting in an extra AP/Bridge or two .... budget or not.

Good Luck


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