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outdoor wall mount omni or patch?

If you were installing 2702e outdoor with wall mount for a school to have coverage in the areas around the school and also near the wall, would you use an omni AIR-ANT2544V4M-R or directional AIR-ANT2566P4W-R?


Personally I'd probably go

Personally I'd probably go with the patch, do a roof mount and angle it down to cover the areas needed.


that being said, I'm hearing that the only APs that should be used outside are either the 15xx series or the "P" designated ones, as they are the only AP that are FCC certified for outdoor use.




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haha... Steve and I work for

haha... Steve and I work for the same company, so we know:)


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Thank you Gents :)

Thank you Gents :)

Looks like 3602P, 2702P and

Looks like 3602P, 2702P and 3702P are on NPH, so should probably use 3502P, but the antenna would then be different (AIR-ANT25137NP-R). I'll use oberon nema enclosure for the AP and mount AIR-ANT25137NP-R closer to the roof and angle it down a little. Thoughts?

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It depends on how far and

It depends on how far and close you need coverage, but both should work fine.  The patch might give you better coverage further out but not close and opposite for the omni.

One thing to note is that Cisco changed their stance on what can be used outdoors.  They stated that the 'e' and 'i' ARE NOT CERTIFIED FOR OUTDOOR USE!  If wireless is required outdoors, then you need to use a 'p' access point.  They changed this even in some of their documents, so be aware as we ran into this and we had to RMA like 300 AP's.  Can you use an 'i' and 'e'... sure, but again, Cisco will not support that install, even if you use an external antenna like in your case.  We have made this aware to our customers and we push the 'p' model, but they take responsibility if they want to use an 'i' or 'e'.  Just make sure you adjust the TX power depending on the antenna gain being used, so the FCC doesn't fine you.


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As far my knowledge we should

As far my knowledge we should use "p" for outdoor and  inorder to secure WLAN we minimize the coverage Radius via WLC to the range we want the SSID to broadcast.

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would you guys bother with

would you guys bother with grounding or using lightning arrestors with outdoor mounted AIR-ANT2513P4M-N antennas and indoor mounted AIR-CAP3702P-A-K9?

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