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Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5

I have a prime infrastructure (virtual) v2.2 but I'm going to migrate to v3.5.


if I download a backup of the 2.2 prime this is compatible with v3.5 ???

if so, what happens with the license also comes in the backup ???

How long will it take to download the backup of v2.2 and load it in v3.5 ???

what would be the size of my prime v3.5 (virtual) ???


I add prime feactures.

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Re: Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5


Re: Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5

the first 2.2 I will leave it aside and I will not touch it.


what I will do is create a new virtual machine with version 3.5.

even so first I should go through the 3.1 ??

Re: Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5

I believe you can do a fresh install of the PI 3.5, however you can't restore PI 2.2 backup on it.


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Re: Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5

You're better off exporting the DB, stand up a freshly installed PI 3.6 and import the DB.
It is less painful that way.

Re: Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5

So will the support of PI 2.2 be compatible with the new installation of PI 3.5 ??
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Re: Prime infrastucture v2.2 to 3.5

I think/fear you first must upgrade to 3.1 before you can go to 3.5:
So my suggestion is:
- create a new VM on 3.0 and restore an application backup (I think) from 2.2
- upgrade the 3.0 installation (with the imported data) to 3.1
- backup the data of the now running 3.1 installation
- create a new VM with 3.5 and import the backup of the 3.1 installation
- install all patches for 3.5 and hope for the best
Depending on how much data you have on 2.2, you maybe want to start from scratch and create a brand new 3.5 or 3.6 installation, add the devices, export the maps information on the 2.2 (if you use them) and import them on your new installation.
The above posted migration path takes at least 1 or 2 days, depending on your database size and the performance of your ESX servers.
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