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Problem installing certificate .pem to WLC4404

Hi, im having several problems trying to upload my auth certificate to WLC. I tried upload to WLC but im having a error "ERROR INSTALLING CERTIFICATE" 


I have seen this link. Which it seems interesting to me but i cant access.. can someone tell me how to access here?????




This is the error TFTP

This is the error


TFTP Webauth cert transfer starting.


TFTP receive complete... Installing Certificate.

*TransferTask: Jan 22 16:50:28.849: sshpmAddWebauthCert: Extracting private key from webauth cert and using bundled pkcs12 password.


*TransferTask: Jan 22 16:50:30.800: sshpmDecodePrivateKey: calling ssh_skb_decode()...


*TransferTask: Jan 22 16:50:32.716: sshpmDecodePrivateKey: SshPrivateKeyPtr after skb_decode: 0x31afbb70


*TransferTask: Jan 22 16:50:32.717: sshpmAddWebauthCert: got private key; extracting certificate...


*TransferTask: Jan 22 16:50:32.723: sshpmAddWebauthCert: extracted binary cert; doing x509 decode


*TransferTask: Jan 22 16:50:32.724: sshpmAddWebauthCert: doing x509 decode for 1319 byte certificate...



Error installing certificate.


Jesus:Do you follow this


Do you follow this steps:

if you still with the problem contact me =)

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You can try using DER = The

You can try using DER = The DER extension is used for binary DER encoded certificates. These files may also bear the CER or the CRT extension.  

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similar issues :https:/

similar issues :

Cisco Employee

Please refer to the below

Please refer to the below Community :

Cisco Employee

Chained certificate can not

Chained certificate can not have Wildcard * character in hostname

Web-Auth client (user laptop) while trying to do web redirection receives the error " There is a problem with the website's security certificate", although redirection is successful and user is allowed access.

Wireless client doing Web Authentication using IE6, IE7 or Firefox web browser and the WLC using uploaded third party certificate having wildcard * in the Hostname.

Use of a Hostname in the certificate without the wildcard param *. eg. instead of *

Further Problem Description:
Web Authentication for Internal Guest access on a Wireless LAN Controller running code 3rd party certificate including a wildcard * in the Hostname uploaded it to the WLC. The WLC accepts the certificate without error. When a client running IE6, IE7 or Firefox connects to the Guest WLAN, it receives the error "There is a problem with the website's security certificate". If they choose to continue the web authentication works and the user is allowed access.

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