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Rooming AP and QoS video, voice

I have a WLC 2504 v8.5, 5 access points of the models; AIR-AP2702i-UXK9, AIR-AP2802i-A-K9, AIR-CAP2702i-N-K9.


I had problems with the rooming and audio and video quality.


Then make the following changes and improve.


1. WLAN settings for video management


WLANs> MySSID > Security> Layer 2> Fast Transition (enable the fast transition parameter and enable the "over the DS" box)


WLANs> MySSID > QoS> WMM (the "Required" parameter is enabled)


WLANs> MySSID> Advanced> DHCP (disable DHCP addr Assigment)


WLANs> MySSID> Advanced> Client Band Select (Client Band Select is disabled)


WLANs> MySSID> Advanced> 11v Transition Support (BSS is enabled)


WLANs> MySSID> Advanced> 11K (Neighbor List Dual is enabled)


2. Radio Settings for Video Management (to improve the services of the Cisco Jabber application)


Wireless> 802.11b / g / n (1,2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12 Mbps are disabled and 18 Mbps is mandatory, 24, 36, 48, 54 are supported)


Wireless> 802.11a (6, 9, 12 Mbps are disabled and 18 Mbps is mandatory, 24, 36, 48, 54 are supported)


And disable the low speeds for the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands with the High Trougput menu.


Due to the density of the access point that propagates signals from the outside, adjust the power parameters of the radios to TPCv2.


But one comment to me having a device under the AP does not connect to them and they comment it may be rooaming. (I see the 5 APs in the WLC without problem).


What else can I do ?????

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Re: Rooming AP and QoS video, voice

"But one comment to me having a device under the AP does not connect to them"

what do you mean with this?

does the device connect, but not to the nearest access point?

this is "expected"  behavior. it is the client driver that decides which AP to associate with.

this may improve by updating the client driver or installing another wifi adapter (if possible)

- it could be the beacon from another AP is heard first

- it could be the other AP is less busy (less clients, less bandwith)

is this for all devices or a specific device type?

Also there are some known bugs on specific brands connecting to specific AP model/controller version.


on the controller except from enabling WMM you need to configure more parameters for QoS to function correctly.

AND you need to configure QoS on your switch too?

You can find are multiple document for wireless Qos

Enterprise Mobility 8.5 Design Guide

QoS on Wireless LAN Controllers and Lightweight APs Configuration Example


but the simplest way to check your controller is to login into the web interface

and click on the "home" button (upper right)

and check the "best practices"

NB! Think about the suggestions first before clicking "fix it now"


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