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Samsung J3 roaming issues



We are using Samsung phones inside of a fancy scanner in our warehouses and we keep seeing some really weird roaming issues. The Samsung can be sitting in one spot and roam 15 times in 30 minutes to APs that are even 200 feet away. 


One thing I don't understand is the Samsung will have -63 rssi and still roam. I have 802.11k,v, and r turned off on this particular ssid and it is a PSK with WPA2.


Currently on the 5ghz band we have the data rates 6 and 9 turned on because of some legacy handhelds we had didn't roam well at all unless we had it turned on.  2.4ghz we have up to 9 turned off and 11 the mandatory. Also we configured it so that the radios for 2.4 are turned all the way down and most clients are using 5ghz unless they dont support it. 


I did find some rogue devices using 80mhz channels causing interference which I had them shut it off.


I have made a bunch of RF changes on the APs experimenting to try and get things stable. No other devices on our networks are roaming like this. My Laptop sitting right next to the Samsung device never roams and will stay on one AP.


Has anyone seen something like this? Do you have any suggestions that I can try? I feel like I have tried everything. Thanks for the help in advance. 

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