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ssid not displayed

Hi I have a problem with a WLC 5508 the problem is that in one AP I didn´t see one SSID but I could see the SSID for the

guest users.

In the clientes I saw the SSID and them I didn´t see it so the clients couldn´t connect to the wireless, this onle happen in this AP.

for the moment I don´t know if all the clients couldn´t see the SSID or only happen with a specific clients.


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ssid not displayed


What ID did you use for this WLAN? when you created you new WLAN the WLC ask for an ID, you must choose 1 to 16, if you choose any value > 16 the SSID is not broadcasted less you have some AP Groups

ssid not displayed

It´s the number 4.

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ssid not displayed

so... you're saying you can see this WLAN in ther AP's? just one doesn't? O you can see it at all?

SSID is enable? Broadcast is enable?

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ssid not displayed

Hello Azariel,

As per your query i can suggest you the following solution-

Configuring Fast SSID Changing

When fast SSID changing is enabled, the controller allows clients to move between SSIDs. When the client sends a new association for a different SSID, the client entry in the controller connection table is cleared before the client is added to the new SSID. When fast SSID changing is disabled, the controller enforces a delay before clients are allowed to move to a new SSID.

Hope this will help you.

ssid not displayed

I test in one client and I saw the SSID but in the next 4 seconds I didn´t see that SSID but the strange is that I can see another SSID that is in the same AP.

The SSID is enable and broadcast in enable too.


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