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Start air-ap1141n-e configuration


I need help to configure or start configuration of my AP. THe AP is with a green light and no answer on IP


I have try to connect to it by console mode but do not have any answer.


What i need is to configure it on DHCP mode to get the IP address from my DHCP server and give wifi signal to my office, thats all what I need.


I can give remote access to my notebook so I can get me some advices on how to start configuration.


Thanks in advance





Hi Mikel,Please refer the

Hi Mikel,

Please refer the link for autonomous APa configuration guide

You can find other guides that can help you here:

Thanls but that link i

Thanls but that link i already have it, 


That guide is for expert, and it skips the first steps, 


how do I get to this



  Configure terminal

  Dot11 ssid <ssid_name>

   Authentication open

   Guest-mode                                               <--- To broadcast the SSID


I can not get to this screen configuration.


It is via TFTP?

via telnet wich IP?


via console COM port??




Hello Mikel,If you don't know

Hello Mikel,

If you don't know which IP address do the AP obtain from the DHCP server, then you need to access the AP through its console port.

For that, you will need an RJ45 to DB9 cable (console), and if your laptop does not have a serial port, then you might need a DB9 to USB adapter as well.

Then, you can use a terminal software like Putty, and begin a serial connection.

Default username and password: Cisco/Cisco

The first thing that you would like to do is to check if the access point grab an IP address or not from the DHCP server.

Step 1. Go to "enable" mode:


Step 2. Check the AP IP address

ap#show ip interface brief

If you are able to see an IP address, then the easiest next step for you, is to open a Web Browser and type that IP address as your URL. http://ip-address

If your AP do not have an IP address, this could mean a couple of things:

1- The switch port on which the AP is connected, is not properly configured.

2- The DHCP server configuration is incorrect, or there is no communication to the DHCP server from the AP.

3- You can try setting an static IP on the AP and then check if you can ping your default-gateway.

To assign your IP an static IP address, you can do the following:

ap#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
ap(config)#interface bvi1
ap(config-if)#ip address (using your own IP address scheme)

If you can ping the default-gateway from the AP after this step, then try again opening the AP from a web browser. It will be easier for you to perfom the configuration through the Web interface.


Hi CarlosFirst of all, thanks

Hi Carlos

First of all, thanks for your complete answer and second do you speak spanish?


About you answer, the problem for me is that i cant connect to the cisco router.


1-I have tried via ethernet. The AP connected to DHCP server via RJ45, and using IPSU software but it doesnt detects the AP.

2-Via console, here I have some doubts, I have tried but I think im doing something wrong.

I open the hyper terminal conecction on XP configure it and connect it but when it is conected It doesnt let me to write any commands like enable, the connection screen is empty, not AP> appears.


Thats all I have right now


Hope you can help me





Hola Mikel,Si hablo español

Hola Mikel,

Si hablo español.

Muy bien, si gustas te puedo tratar de guiar en este proceso.

Antes que nada, para conectar por consola, sabes que debes usar un cable especial? No es el mismo cable RJ45 que se usa para las conexiones Ethernet. Luce asi:

Luego, este cable de consola tiene una conexion RJ45 a una DB9, o sea serial, si tienes una laptop, y la laptop no tiene cable conexion serial, puede debes usar un adaptador de serial (DB9) a USB, como este:

Luego, si estas usando el cable correcto, te recomiendo que busques en internet una aplicacion que se llama Putty y la descargues, este es el link:


Asi luce esta aplicacion. Debes seleccionar la opcion "Serial" y especificar cual es el puerto COM que estas usando.

Una vez echo esto, haz click en Open y deberias tener acceso al AP.

Avisame si te funciona de esta forma!!!


Hola Carlos GRacias de nuevo

Hola Carlos


GRacias de nuevo


Ya tengo instalado el putty, el cable que tengo de RJ45 a COM es el correcto. TE adjunto fotos para que veas como en la pantalla de la conexión serial se queda todo negro y no puedo escribir.Es como si la conexión via serial no estuviese funcionando.


¿como podemos testearla?


El router tiene una luz verde fija, no se si eso te da alguna pista.


Espero tu respuesta 






Hola Mikel,Me extraña un poco

Hola Mikel,

Me extraña un poco el tipo de cable que estas usando. Usualmente el cable de consola es plano. A menos que tu hayas fabricado el cable o alguien mas lo haya echo. Has usado este cable de consola satisfactoriamente en algun otro dispositivo anteriormente (un switch or router)

Me puedes indicar como estan los colores de los cables en esa terminal RJ45 de ese cable?

ok Voy a buscar un cable de



Voy a buscar un cable de consola plano y te cuento.





Creo que voy a tener que

Creo que voy a tener que comprar un cable plano, 


te adjunto foto de la toma rj 45 a ver si está ok.


Espero tu respuesta, 




Getting Started Guide: Cisco

Cisco Employee

Please refer to the below

Please refer to the below link :

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