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Trouble updating Mobility Express on Wireless LAN Controller and Wireless AP.

Hi!   I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask.   I have a Cisco C1111-8PW ISR and it has the built-in Wireless LAN Controller and a built-in Wireless AP.  I have been attempting, for way too many hours, to update the firmware on both the Wireless LAN Controller and the Wireless AP.   I have a total of 3 additional APs that I will be adding to the network soon, and I wanted it so when ever I put a new firmware on the WLC, it would update the APs automatically.

Is that possible with the Mobility Express on the AP and the WLCs?   I think it might not be, because on the AP, when I look at the archive command, it s hows it can pull an image from the WLC, but only if it's in that CAPWAP mode or whatever it's called.

I believe the builtin AP is equivalent to the Cisco 1815i, from what I've read.   I tried putting it on the WLC, and was somewhat successful.   It shows the version I downloaded,, is in the backup slot on the WLC, however, I cannot figure out how I got it there, and if I try to boot off the backup slot, then when I log in via the console cable, the screen is flooded with an error message about a missing function in some shell script.   I believe the firmware got corrupted.

Does anyone know how I can successfully update the built-in WLC and AP in this router?   I have a tftp server running.  The web interface on the management address always failed.   I wasn't successful at using it to update the firmware.

The WLC is currently running of ME.   Here's part of my show version from the AP.

Cisco AP Software, (ap1g5), C1100, RELEASE SOFTWARE
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2015 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Sat Dec  9 22:17:40 PST 2017

ROM: Bootstrap program is U-Boot boot loader
BOOTLDR: U-Boot boot loader Version 39

My_WAP0 uptime is 0 days, 1 hours, 20 minutes
Last reload time   : Sat Jan 19 18:13:36 UTC 2019
Last reload reason : reload command

cisco ISR-AP1100AC-B ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l) with 1016204/547540K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID <masked>
AP Running Image     :
Primary Boot Image   :
Backup Boot Image    :
1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
2 802.11 Radios
Radio FW version : bf3aa0616bc29c4fdf83980e239109c5
NSS FW version : not available

Part Number                          : 0-0000-00
Top Assembly Part Number             : 074-112699-02
Top Revision Number                  : C0
Product/Model Number                 : ISR-AP1100AC-B

Does anyone know how I can get the WLC and AP to download the images again?   For whatever reason, when I'm on the AP and I try to use tftp to download, the IP address it shows from the Wireless AP (it should be is showing up as   I can see the AP trying to connect, but the TFTP server cannot reach it, because that IP doesn't exist.   Not sure where it's coming from.   I try telling the WLC to download using transfer download command, but it ignores the filename that I put and it'll only download if the zip file is uncompressed, but the tftp server shows it's only downloading and then logs show it's trying to push the update to the AP, which always fails.



Re: Trouble updating Mobility Express on Wireless LAN Controller and Wireless AP.

I finally figured out where I was going wrong last night.   I found a Cisco document that had a little bit different example.   I had to uncompress the zip file on the tftp server.   At that point, I was able to use the web based management to update it.   I would still like to figure out how to get the backup image type on the WLC and AP to the same version as the primary.   The backup is now the instead of the

I also see, when I log into the AP and run show version:

AP Running Image     :
Primary Boot Image   :
Backup Boot Image    :
Primary Boot Image Hash:
Backup  Boot Image Hash:
1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
2 802.11 Radios
Radio FW version : ce271f0c3bd6087f274af2d1d72e15b7
NSS FW version : not available

I have had little luck searching the internet for what exactly that NSS Firmware stuff is.   I cannot find anything on it.   Can someone point me to a link describing what it is or explain it please?

Finally, one final question, but perhaps I should create a new thread for it.   When I boot up, near the end, before the SSIDs show, I'm presented on the console port with a prompt for the AP (NOT!!! the WLC), until a few minutes go by and then the boot process finishes.   Almost like the boot process is trying to search for something, doesn't find it, and times out eventually.   Here's a snippet of the boot log:


[*01/20/2019 18:05:36.0999] Failed to send msg to wcp/wcp_db.set_vlan_name_map
[*01/20/2019 18:05:36.0999]
[*01/20/2019 18:05:36.1099] chatter: store_policy : NO action list not adding policy MyCompany

User Access Verification
Username: [*01/20/2019 18:05:37.1399] AP IPv4 Address updated from to
[*01/20/2019 18:05:37.1499] send CAPWAP ctrl msg to the socket: Socket operation on non-socket
[*01/20/2019 18:05:37.1499] send_msg_to_capwap_sm: Capwap SM restart message send failed for message: 9
[*01/20/2019 18:05:46.1699] DOT11_CFG[0] Radio Mode is changed from FlexConnect to FlexConnect
[*01/20/2019 18:05:46.1799] DOT11_CFG[1] Radio Mode is changed from FlexConnect to FlexConnect
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.4699] chatter: tohost_virtual :: ToHost: device 'virtual' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.5199] chatter: tohost_vlan0 :: ToHost: device 'vlan0' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.5599] chatter: tohost_vlan1 :: ToHost: device 'vlan1' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.6299] chatter: tohost_vlan2 :: ToHost: device 'vlan2' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.6799] chatter: tohost_vlan3 :: ToHost: device 'vlan3' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.7199] chatter: tohost_vlan4 :: ToHost: device 'vlan4' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.7699] chatter: tohost_vlan5 :: ToHost: device 'vlan5' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.8399] chatter: tohost_vlan6 :: ToHost: device 'vlan6' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.8999] chatter: tohost_vlan7 :: ToHost: device 'vlan7' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.9399] chatter: tohost_vlan8 :: ToHost: device 'vlan8' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:39.9899] chatter: tohost_vlan9 :: ToHost: device 'vlan9' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:40.0399] chatter: tohost_vlan10 :: ToHost: device 'vlan10' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:40.0899] chatter: tohost_vlan11 :: ToHost: device 'vlan11' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:40.1399] chatter: tohost_vlan12 :: ToHost: device 'vlan12' went down
[*01/20/2019 18:08:40.2199] chatter: tohost_vlan13 :Starting the Switchdriver...

After it shows the vlan's going down (I am not sure why there's so many VLANs, I only have the default and then one I'm trying to create myself).   It's been like this even with the old firmware.   Any ideas what's going wrong or how to fix it?



Re: Trouble updating Mobility Express on Wireless LAN Controller and Wireless AP.

Did you ever find out what the delay in starting the controller is all about?


I'm also seeing this on the 3800 - looks like your sits there doing nothing for pretty much the same length of time as mine.

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