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Troubleshooting AP [1232] connectiviy issues...

Hello, all.

I am having an issue with a couple of the 1232 APs (out of 14) in one of our buildings, and I have no idea what could be causing the problem.  The issue is that basically they don't seem to be receiving/transmitting at all, even though they report as being normally functional.  Despite this, nothing can connect to them, and I'm quickly running out of ideas on what could possibly be wrong, how to fix it, or even what to try next to troubleshoot.

(All these 14 APs are on the most recent IOS, c1200-k9w7-tar.123-8.JEE)

First thing I did was check to see that the APs in question were powered on and broadcasting.  They're up, and both the CLI and web management thing tell me that the dot11 radio is up and working.

So, I checked the configs, and the configs for the two non-functional APs are the same as the 12 functional ones, down to the character, expect for channelization, hostname and IP address.

Next, I thought maybe it was the devices, so I brought out a few other devices, and sure enough, nothing could connect to these two APs, so it's not that.

I figured maybe they got themselves in a flaky way, or whatever, so I rebooted them ("reload" from the CLI).  No joy.

Then, getting desperate, I thought maybe shutting down and then enabling the interfaces would help.  I did, and it didn't.

So, now I'm here.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do next?  I figure while I'm waiting for a response, I'll load Backtrack onto a laptop and see what (if anything) I can sniff out with that... though, if anyone knows of better tools out there for trying to diagnose wireless issues, that would be helpful information as well.  Additionally, are there any diagnostics anyone's aware of that I run to check that these AP are actually functioning?  The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the RF transmitters aren't putting out a strong enough signal to be picked up by anything.



Re: Troubleshooting AP [1232] connectiviy issues...

Can you capture the output of show controller dot 0, and show interface dot 0?


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Troubleshooting AP [1232] connectiviy issues...

Figured it out, thanks.

The APs are PoE, and the PoE switch is attached to a consumer-grade UPS, which (I presume) was not able to sufficiently handle the power draw of the APs on battery power, as someone had turned off the circuit breaker it was attached to.  Turned the breaker back on, and they're working fine.

So, unless Cisco offers an AP whose warranty is not voided when used to deliver a vicious flogging, I guess this issue is resolved.

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