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Upgrading FUS from from to

Can I do this? OR do I have to upgrade to something before going to (FUS release

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You can do either way:

You can do either way:  Upgrade the FUS first or upgrade the firmware first.  


The main thing to consider is after doing either one, reboot the controller and then do the next.

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What Leo said, but may I ask

What Leo said, but may I ask why you want to run Right now 7.6.130 is the recommended release for the 7.6 train

Here you go for latest FUS

Here you go for latest FUS release and download and upgrade images.

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Please refer to the below

Please refer to the below links :


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Ensure that there are no

Ensure that there are no power outages during the upgrade. Power outages during the upgrade may lead to the controller not being usable.

This release of the Field Upgrade Software is applicable to Cisco WLCs that are installed with the controller software release 6.0 and later.

You must install the FUS image only once.

Console access to the WLC during the upgrade process is not required. However it is recommended that you have console access so that you can monitor the progress of the process.

The FUS upgrade process reboots the Cisco WLC several times, and reboot the default runtime image. The whole process takes approximately 30 minutes.

After you install the FUS image for a Cisco Flex 7500 Controller platform, the RAID firmware is also upgraded. During the installation process, the console messages displayed do indicate upgrade of the RAID firmware. However, it is not possible to verify the RAID firmware upgrade either by entering a command or viewing the bootlog.

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