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Web Auth with wild card Certificate?

Hi guys

I have a customer, who wish to use his company's own cert for the web auth.

his company buy a wild card cert from a well known third party CA.

for example, the company name is the command name for the wild card cert is *

we have tried to generate a cert for the WLC, add dns entry ( to the web auth virtual ip address.

when upload the cert, we always get error messages, it says "private key decode failed"," key extraction failed".

the compay's own IT guy told me he have already generated a few certs from the wild card cert for their in house servers,

which works right away. but somehow, it is not working for WLC web auth.

I have looked through this forum for any post related to web auth cert, it seems like none of them is similar

to my case.

my question is

1. could we use the wild card cert to generate the cert needed by the WLC web auth? or they need to buy seperate

cert for the web auth? following the step by step of this link?

2. if wild card cert is fine, what is the correct way to make it work?


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Re: Web Auth with wild card Certificate?

Yes, you can use a wildcard cert for guest access on the WLC.  Since you already have the certificate, you need to follow from step 6 in the Generate CSR section.  So long as the site has the password file used when they generated the original wildcard request, you just need to bundle that with the cert and use the proper passwords.

  In my experience, most times this is failing is due to a password being typed incorrectly.



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Re: Web Auth with wild card Certificate?


here is a step by step that I just did on a 3rd party cert creation. This could be helpful for you ...

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