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Wireless 2504,user not getting dhcp ip address

Hi i have configured wlc 2504 .in that i have configured two is guest, 2nd is internal user,

the pblm when user try to connect with that contain ssid user not getting ip address,

i have connected only one link between core to wlc on port 1.for guest interface i used port 4.but no physical link.

Please help this

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Wireless 2504,user not getting dhcp ip address

There are multiple ways how the clients can get their IP-address in a WLC deployment.

From the WLC-FAQ:

How does DHCP work with the WLC?

A. The WLC is designed to act as a DHCP relay agent to the external DHCP server and acts like a DHCP server to the client. This is the sequence of events that occurs:

  1. Generally, WLAN is tied to an interface which is configured with a DHCP server.
  2. When the WLC receives a DHCP request from the client on a WLAN, it relays the request to the DHCP server with its management IP address.
  3. The WLC shows its Virtual IP address, which must be a non-routable address, usually configured as, as the DHCP server to the client.
  4. The WLC forwards the DHCP reply from the DHCP server to the wireless client with its Virtual IP address.Note: You can also configure the WLC to act as a DHCP server. For more information on how to configure a WLC as a DHCP server, refer to the Configuring DHCP Scopes section of the document Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide Release 5.1.

If you want more in-depth information you should read "DHCP with the WLC":

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Wireless 2504,user not getting dhcp ip address

Well first off, your guest will not work with no physical connection and your guest wlan is pointing to that guest interface.  If your internal SSID is using your management, then it will use port 1, but if you have defined another dynamic interface and assigned it to port 1, you need to make sure your connection from the WLC to the Switch is a trunk port.  If your management interface is configured with a vlan tag or 0 (untagged), then your trunk port needs to also have the native vlan command with the vlan the wlc is on as native, if you tagg the management vlan, then you don't need the native vlan command.

Here is a deployment guide you can follow:

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Wireless 2504,user not getting dhcp ip address


If the DHCP server is the an external server than make sure that you have disable DHCP proxy on the WLC since the WLC works as a DHCP relay agent and some DHCP servers do not like to reply back to the DHCP relay , also make sure that under the interface the WLAN is linked to it has the correct IP address of the DHCP server and that the WLC can ping it.

If the DHCP server being used on the WLAN is the WLC than enable DHCP proxy since it is needed to use the build in option and make sure that under the interface the WLAN is linked to has the IP address of the WLC.

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