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Re: WLAN Poller question

Good news! Our dev guru resolved an issue with the Linux host itself and we've got the script up and running. Already done a test run and things are looking good :)

Thanks for your help!

Re: WLAN Poller question

patoberli/Haydn I don't suppose you know if the ap_name_filter variable works properly and if so, what the correct syntax is?

My scenario now is that I have a number of different sites on this WLC but I want to try and only poll a particular site's APs. Let's say I have sites with codes in their AP names, 1234 and 9876. I want to use the app name filter to only check/scan the APs with 1234 in the name, ignore 9876
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Re: WLAN Poller question

Unfortunatly not.
This script is supported by TAC so if you jave support you could always ask them
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Re: WLAN Poller question

No idea. But you can enable ssh only on the ones you want to check, the script should then time out on the others where it can't connect.

Re: WLAN Poller question

If you could hear a facepalm through the internet you certainly would right now!

TAC have kindly assisted me in advising that I needed to remove the ; from the beginning of the string in the config.ini file that was commenting it out from being applied.

The classic ID10T error...
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Re: WLAN Poller question

WLAN Poller is used to identify if an AP is about to "eat itself" but it is not foolproof and it needs to be run several times in order to catch the file corruption before the AP crashes.  Once the AP crashes, WLAN Poller won't be able to recover the AP.

You won't need the file to upgrade. 


Re: WLAN Poller question

We did the update yesterday of our WLC and it went fine. We did run WLAN poller from a MAC OSx computer before.


With the config of WLAN poller below it gave the result of none affected APs:

ap_fs_check: False
ap_fs_recover: False

But with the below config the script was never able to finish, it just hanged.

ap_fs_check: True
ap_fs_recover: False


So we went ahead and updated the WLC code anyway, and it went fine.

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