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WLC 2504 with AP1832

My network is a simple network: 1 Firewall, 1 switch, 1 WLC2504 and 7 AP-1832


If I wired my laptop to the switch and do, I get 900Mbs down, 900Mbs Up, which is the speed provided by our ISP 1GBPS. i am happy with that speed on LAN.

If I connect the laptop wirelessly to the AP, and do a, I get 30-40Mbs down, 100Mbs Up sometimes 230Mbs

it always varies on WiFi from 45MBs  to 300MBs. but most of the time we get 45-100Mbs


At all time, my laptop is connected at 900Mbs, A channel. Only 1 device on the AP, which is my laptop.

You might will ask, but I verified:

- No QoS setup anywhere in the network. WLAN QOS tab is clean.

- I even removed the switch and connected the WLC directly to the gateway. Same results


Can anyone suggest me what shall i do to get stable speed on WiFi above 300Mbs

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Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

Welcome to the world of wireless :)

What you see here is completely normal.


First of all, what Wi-Fi adapter is built into your laptop?

How many other Wi-Fi networks (and other disturbing wireless devices) are near?

Have you enabled 80 or even 160 MHz channels on 5 GHz? Please note, the higher the MHz, the smaller the cell/reachability. 


But most importantly, what is the maximum speed the client is capable of? Of that connection speed, remove ~40-50% and you have the theoretical maximum transfer speed in one direction without any disturbances in the air. 

Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

Hi Patoberli

Thanks for your reply.


i can see only 80GHZ option which i have enabled already in AP as well as in channel width in DCA.

We are using Iphone X to test the speed they are working on 5GHZ frequency. But my main issue is that i am not getting stable speed over WiFi. if we get stable speed above 200Mbs it will be fine.but dropping to 40Mbs is really out of understanding.

In our WLC we have only 1 Network, other than that we have one more WiFi network with different SSID.

Can you please share some snapshot of configuration to get better and stable speed.

Also i want custom client roaming. so far it is on default so it take around 2 Min to switch to another WiFI 

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Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

Which 80 MHz channel are you using? And are there any other wireless networks near on the same (four) channel?
80 MHz should already give good speeds, if there is nobody else connected to the AP and no other wireless networks are near on the same frequency.

Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

for the safe side i have enable extended unii-2 channels, its automatically selecting channel association.

Yes there is other WiFi near by our network but i am not sure which channel they are using as it belong to other company.

My Issue is that i need stable speed of 5GHZ. Since LAN speed is 1Gbs so on wifi we can accept above 250Mbs

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Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

You can reach > 250 Mbit/s on Wi-Fi, if you are within 15 Meters of the AP (without any thick or metal containing wall) and the client is 802.11ac capable and has at least a 2x2 interface configuration. Oh and it should be the only client transferring data connected to that AP. If all of that is true, then 250 Mbit/s should easily be achievable.

Wireless technology works like a network Hub (it will change with 802.11ax), so only one client can either send or transmit at a given time per AP. All other clients must wait until the client A stops transmitting or the AP stops giving client A airtime to send data.
Because of that is wireless, with more than 3 users per AP, still way slower than a true switched network.

Try to intall some Wireless Analyzer on your iPhone, that should show you all other wireless networks and the used channel in the area. Then you can manually set the AP to a channel where no other wireless network currently is visible, or the one with the weakest (less than -85dB) signal.

Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

thanks for the reply. i am doing speedtest just below the WiFi so distance is not a matter. Moreover my concern is LAN Speed is 900Mbs but on wifi i am not able to get even 10% speed as stable.

i suspect roaming might be issue. can you please tell me what value shall i set in clean Air to get connected with highest strength WiFi 

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Re: WLC 2504 with AP1832

For maximum speed (with one single AP in an enclosed room, without any interference and one client) set it to 160 MHz channel width. Enable all data rates under Wireless - 802.11a/n/ac - High Throughput, use WPA2-AES or Open (don't enable TKIP or WPA1 or WEP, they disable high speeds).

Then use iperf or similar software to do the tests. Ideally with a test server attached to the LAN.

You don't need cleanair for this. Cleanair can be used to keep the wireless running well, if you have several APs spread around the building.

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