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WLC Logging Buffer Size

Hello All.  I'm trying to see what the logging buffer size is for a WLC running code 8.3.140.  In the GUI it shows the syslog level is: Informational and the Buffered Log Level is: Notifications.  If I use the command show logging, it shows me the following under Logging to buffer:


Logging to buffer :
- Logging of system messages to buffer :
 - Logging filter level.......................... notifications
 - Number of system messages logged.............. 24109923
 - Number of system messages dropped.............
- Number of Messages dropped due to Facility .... 069427385
Warning: Output is too long and has been truncated

--More-- or (q)uit
- Logging of debug messages to buffer ........... Disabled
 - Number of debug messages logged............... 0
 - Number of debug messages dropped.............. 0
- Cache of logging  ............................. Disabled
- Cache of logging time(mins) ................... 10080
- Number of over cache time log dropped  ........ 0


So how would I see what the size is set to for the logging buffer?  Thanks.

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Re: WLC Logging Buffer Size

it is not saved in nvram like other network devices  it is saved on disk

basically the log size can be as large as the free disk space !

(not correct)



Maximum 256 message logs are stored locally (FIFO). Use external syslog server!

How to use External syslog server: see this document.


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Re: WLC Logging Buffer Size

and it can be changed using  the logging history size global configuration command

System Management Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Release 3SE (Cisco WLC 5700 Series)

When the history table is full (it contains the maximum number of message entries specified with the logging history size global configuration command),

Default System Message Logging Settings

Table 2 Default System Message Logging Settings


Default Setting

System message logging to the console


Console severity


Logging file configuration

No filename specified.

Logging buffer size

4096 bytes.


Re: WLC Logging Buffer Size

Thanks for the response.  Do you know how would I verify that only 256 logs are stored locally?  I looked in the GUI under Management-->Logs-->Message Logs   and I copied it to Notepad and had 368 lines.  If I do show logging and get the logs to Notepad I counted 1721 lines.  I also did an upload of the config from the controller and only found this in the config


config logging traceinfo disable emergencies

config logging buffered notifications

config logging buffered 5

config logging syslog level informational

config logging syslog level 6

config logging syslog host

config logging syslog facility local6

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