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WLC9800 9120AP backup controllers in AP join profile


I currently have a 9800-CL and some 9120AP's and everything works as expected except one thing and I'm not sure if it's just me configuring something incorrectly.

If I configure the Primary and Secondary controller in the AP join profile and assign it to an AP, these controllers do not appear in the config on the AP, but other configuration from the join profile does. If I configure the Primary and Secondary controller by configuring the AP individually and not the join policy, then the config does appear on the AP.


Is this the correct way to configure the Pri and Sec controllers for multiple AP's or am I doing something wrong here.


Many thanks.

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The aps do learn the controllers once joined. The usual way to configure ha is each ap. The global is setting the ha once the ap has joined and gets the policies and tags.
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I think I must be doing something wrong. If I statically assign an AP with policy/site tags, the AP won't take the backup controller config, and on the AP itself it says UNKNOWN for policy/RF/Site tags, yet it has still taken most of the config from the policies.


Please provide some outputs or screenshots. I’m not following what you are trying out.
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Hopefully this will explain a bit better.

I configure the Pri/Sec controllers in the AP join profile as below, and then assign the Site Tag to an AP that this profile is linked to.



If I then log in to the AP itself and do a  show capwap client config,  the Pri/Sec controller config is empty, also the Tags are all UNKNOWN.



However other parts of the AP join profile do apply to AP, for example the local user credentials, so I assume the Tag is associating properly.

If I configure an individual AP via the controller (Configuration>Access Points) and edit it, I can configure the Pri/Sec controllers in the High Availability tab shown below.




If I do it this way, the controllers appear in the config when doing a show capwap client config on the AP as before.

Hopefully this makes a bit more sense.

I want to configure the same Primary and Secondary controllers for multiple AP's without having to manually configure each one, I assumed the join profile would let me do that. Is something not working properly or am I doing something wrong?




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